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Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future.

Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?

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UPDATE 08 - 05/2018 A new writing challenge is up! Move us to tears with a glimpse from your character's life and get a cute lil badge as well as valuable points :D

UPDATE 07 - 03/2018 The Stupid Cupid event is now over! Everyone who took part has been rewarded with points and a tiny cute award! Stay tuned for more challenges and events :>

UPDATE 06 - 02/2018 Our Valentine's Day event is here! Go sign up your characters for some free smootches ;D

UPDATE 05 - 12/2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We have a new announcement for you, holiday gifts and of course we're giving warm welcomes to our newest members!! Keep your eyes peeled for more c: Also, did you notice we're 2 months old now? Yaaay!

UPDATE 04 - 11/2017 The event ended and every participant has received their rewards! We've also cleaned up the board for any inactives, updated the claims and ratios accordingly and we're celebrating Rise's one month anniversary! We love you guys so much <3

UPDATE 03 - 10/2017 Rise's first on-site challenge is up! Come celebrate Halloween with us and earn points and pretty badges~

UPDATE 02 - 10/2017 Rise's official opening is here! Today we open to the whole public, so make sure you welcome in everyone new & returning and make lots of friends and plots!

UPDATE 01 - 10/2017 Rise's soft opening is here! Make yourself at home while we iron out any remaining wrinkles around the site!

UPDATE 00 - 09/2017 Beta testing around the site has begun.


[ _the weather in novas is getting warmer and warmer ] [ _green internships available for libel immigrants ] [ _tourism in novas is in blossom ]
[ _low and middle class inspections have been scheduled for june and will be conduced by our trustworthy greys ] [ _gladiator fights will be broadcast four times a week across the nations ]
[ _more people found guilty of crimes against color (hidden mixed pregnancies and/or similar affairs) during the "love gas" incident have been detained, judged and will be facing their punishments _live transmissions of their executions will be available all throughout june _if you know someone struggling with such issues, reach out to a grey for help _do not let them become a victim of their own crimes ]

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» The Rules
 Posted: Aug 20 2017, 03:23 AM
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the rules

of rise

It would do you a world of good to read all of these rules and always bear them in mind when you become a part of the site. We would hate to have to warn you that you've broken a rule, and would very much like to keep from ever having to do so.

1) Registering

  • First and foremost, please register an ooc account that will be used to keep track of your character accounts and other fun things such as ooc achievements.
  • Then register your character account as first last. Simple as that!

    2) Posting

  • We have No word count. As everyone knows, the quality over quantity premise is the safest bet to a good roleplaying experience. That being said, try to give your partner something to reply to, and something their character can react to.
  • Posting templates are optional.

    3) Applications

  • We use a shipper app, meaning your character's biography and plotter will be in the same template. Aka, it's much simpler and faster for everyone!

    4) Activity

  • The requirement is 2 posts per month per character.
  • We'll do monthly sweeps of the accounts to see who is active and who isn't, but you shouldn't worry about post-in Activity Checks. If a character doesn't meet the activity req, their shipper will be archived (we won't be deleting anyone's work in case you want to retrieve or reactivate later) and claims reopened.
  • After one month of being in inactive, your character's account may be deleted.

    5) God Modding

  • Controlling other people's characters is not accepted. Please refrain from god modding, power playing or meta gaming. Additionally, you need to have permission of the player before killing, injuring gravely or permanently disabling their character.

    6) Face claims

  • Should be real people, any sort of celebrity (from actors and models, to singers and popular youtubers) works as long as they are 18+ and as long as they haven't specifically requested to not be used in RP.
  • Faces for alien races, however, are optional. You can either use a manipulated image, a realistic artwork or some picture that represent them or their aesthetic. We just ask that you give proper credit if the artwork is not yours (such as mention/link the author in a signature or something)

    7) Multiple Characters

  • The first 4 character are free, after that the four must be active (see activity req) in order for more character slots to be purchased in the point store. No worry though, points are super easy to get!

    8) Graphics

  • When it comes to the size of your signatures, as long as you don't stretch the board or give seizures we're completely fine with it. Avatars should be 230x420 to make sure there's no stretching of the board or wrinkling the avatar itself. All avatars should be safe for work, so no nudity or obscenity.

    9) Behaviour

  • Respect and be respected. Simple as that. The staff is your best friend when it comes to many things, especially solving conflicts between members, so don't hesitate to ask for help, we've all been there!

    10) Rating

  • We are rated L3-S3-V3, which means mature content is allowed on the board. However, please keep any nudity off of the avatars and posting templates and mark your mature threads with a [M] in the title or description.
  • Triggering content should be marked with a [TW] in the topic's title, and specified in the beginning of the post containing the potentially triggering content so people know what to expect when reading. If you're unsure of what can be considered a triggering subject, just check with your thread partner(s) beforehand!

    11) Chatbox/Discord

  • The basic No Ads, No Spam, No Drama applies here as well, and we would also like you to keep it lighthearted and keep any talks involving politics or religion out of the cbox. No need for pointless debates or trolling. Abusing the chatbox/discord server will get you removed from it.

    12) Contributing to Rise

  • Members are allowed to submit original lore if they want it used on Rise (as IC features, locations, species of aliens). Please note that as the lore influences the board, we will not be removing a feature even if its creator leaves (but we will still credit it accordingly).

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