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» Cressida Andrews, 39 | Green | Gillian Anderson
 Posted: Dec 28 2017, 02:55 PM
Robotic Engineer
10 posts
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Offline / GREEN

Cressida "Sid" Andrews
full name: Cressida Astryd Andrews
nicknames/aliases: Sid
age: 39
birthday: 31/August
occupation: Robotics Engineer
gender: Female
pronouns: She/Her
member group: Green
nation of origin: Libél
addictions/illnesses: Caffeine Addiction due to Insomnia. She uses caffeine to help regulate her days.
character nature: Original character

body marks: A mole above her lip.
  • tattoos: None
  • scars: Minor scars from trivial incidents across her arms and legs.
  • piercings: Lobes on both sides, helix on the left and tragus on the right.
  • modifications: A diagnostic augment attached four inches above her wrist on her right arm
face claim: Gillian Anderson
hair color: Honeyed Blonde
eye color: Grey-Blue, speckled with Amber
height: 5'3" or 1.6m
built: Average


family tree:
  • parents: Eric Greene & Marilyn Cassidy
  • siblings: Jake Greene
  • children: Grace Andrews
  • pets: None
  • other: None
sexual orientation: Demisexual
relationship status: Widowed
partner: Paxton Andrews

4063: The End

Cressida’s body pressed against the glass window of the research building as the prototype drones engines cut and dark smoke plumed from the vessel. It plummeted from the sky before veering off into the distance. Her knees buckled out from under her and she sunk down against the transparent surface. Just like her body, her heart collapsed, unable to comprehend what she was witnessing. Her lips parted but nothing happened. The drone disappeared behind the treeline.

Her mind furiously tried to work out the calculations and scenarios from an engine failure that high in the atmosphere. A glimmer of hope sparkled against the hopelessness and she scrambled on the polished concrete floor to get to her feet. Running as fast as her legs could carry her from the complex, people called her name as she passed them. Their tone said much more than she wanted to hear. Her hand forced her ID against the scanner, failing the first time and then the second. “LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT.” The Green furiously cried out, her third attempt opened the security gate and she pushed on through.

Those in the lobby stood stunned as the woman frantically ran through the building. She paid no attention to anyone she passed, her frame knocking against someone as she skidded to a halt outside the complex. Cressida struggled to get her bearings, hover car, she thought moving through the parking lot. Her stamina quickly waned and her run faded to a stagger. She traced her hand along the side of her vehicle the security systems deactivating on her approach. It took both of her hands pulling together to open the car and throw herself inside, the vehicle hummed as it rose from the floor.

Hastily she reversed out of the spot and sped off. Her heart thumped in her ears, her mind attempting to predict where the drone may have landed. A thick plume of smoke rose from the treeline, she ducked down to get a better look at it through the windscreen. With no other vehicles on the road, she pulled the accelerator to speed down the open road. Her mind clung to the glimmer that Husband and Daughter somehow survived the highly improbable. She lost track of how long it took her to find the dirt track at lead her small town that had been hit by the falling drone.

In shock the car hovered to a stop, the flaming wreckage had collided with buildings before finally stopping. Cressida’s stomach churned and the tears came as she stumbled out of the vehicle. Her legs staggeringly brought her closer to the trail of destruction, white noise rung in her ears and people cried out around her. Bodies were pulled from what remained from the buildings, the crumpled drone still in flames. It couldn’t have been long since the impact. Her brows forced up and the thick frames of her glasses began to slide down her nose.

“GRACE! GRACE!” The Green called out hopelessly, “PAX?!” She crumbled again.

Sid is a quiet woman and often keeps herself to herself. She prefers to socialise in smaller groups and recoils when the body count exceeds double digits. Tending to ramble when she gets to know someone, it's not unusual for her to need to be told to be quiet.
Displeasure doesn't hide well on Sid's face, lacking tact is a downfall of hers. She has a low tolerance for bullying and belittlement. Whilst she appreciates the caste system provides order, it shouldn't garn people power who haven't earn it. There's an instilled fear of Grey from the loss of her husband, daughter and brother. Their handling of the matter only drew out her grief. She finds avoidance and compliance the best means of dealing with similar situations.
With the loss of her husband, Sid finds it difficult to connect with others on a romantic level. She's made no attempt to move on with any form of intimate relationship.
wanted plots
  • I very much enjoy anything that'll shape my character, perhaps change her stance on life.
  • Sentient AI or something along those lines would be a very interesting storyline.
  • Being asked to build something against her morals such as something destructive
  • Are her family really dead? Where they taken to assist with an uprising?
ooc information

alias: Laurie
age: 30
pronouns: She/Her
timezone GMT 0
preferred contact PM or Discord
how you found us Advert on the Maleficium Forum
other characters None
triggers: N/A
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 05:13 PM
Opinion Witch
66 posts
250 points
Offline / ADMIN

Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Rise LAURIE!

Make sure to fill all of your claims and edit your mini profile so your character can be sorted in the right member group and you can start plotting and posting!

 Posted: Yesterday at 05:40 pm
3 posts
30 points
Offline / WHITE

sid & jin
I'll be honest with you, Jin may be the worst White in the temple to see comfort from as she's still relatively new as a Priestess. She may have over a decade of knowledge (as Whites start studying at a very early age), but most of her education was spent with a sole mentor and not many other people thus she’s technically not a people person. However, it is in her duties that she comforts others and occasionally listens to confessions in the temple when she is not performing burial rites or funerals.

Jin would do her best to comfort Jin and share her pain to understand her situation but she may not be able to help her. Due to her faith, she would likely attempt to reassure Sid of her faith (no matter how small, as there may be a riff between the scientific community and the religious community) but understands that Sid may or may not have much faith after the passing of both her child and her husband. It also may be likely that Jin helped perform the burial rite/funeral for both of her family members. But anyway, Jin would be more than happy to be the person in which Sid seeks in the temple for comfort and understanding.
 Posted: Yesterday at 05:47 pm
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Offline / YELLOW

sid & henry
This was not necessarily a topic I had thought about during Henry’s history (or his character) but yes, it is likely he performed the operation to remove usable organs from the brain dead (if they were donors, of course). Henry may not have had much interaction with Sid during the operation but he likely would have made small talk with her before and provided her with comfort (such as their organs would help others survive – yada yada). He would also sit down with her after the operation(s) and thank her for her family’s contribution to other families (as they could have been life-saving). But of course, he would provide more comfort than anything. He would stay as long as she’d want and talk as long as she’d want too (canceling all non-necessary appointments for the rest of the day).
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