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» Work or fun with robotics?, Cressida & Andrea
 Posted: Jan 21 2018, 11:38 PM
Prostethic developer
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Offline / GREEN

I learn something new

With every choice I take in my life

Another day, and another morning. This would be the moment of the day where many woke by the sound of their alarm clock, or the sound of someone shouting on the other side of the street, or maybe even by the sound of bird songs if you lived by the parks or at the farms. For Andrea Keller it was a little different. She had an alarm too, however it was a little box, the size of her own hand, fastened to the side of her bed. Once the clock hit 7:00am, that very box would make intense vibrations, her whole bed would shake and she'd quickly wake to turn it off. To turn it off she had to sit up and reach for the box, tactically placed at the footside of her bed. This made it a whole lot easier to rise up instead of falling back down into the bed.

Once up and going she would walk over to the kitchen in only her baggy t-shirt. She lived in a loft with an open solution. Her apartment was basicly one big room, look apart from the bathroom of course, with a bed in the corner, hidden by two huge bookshelves which was stuffed with so many books, decorations, tech and other stuff that they pretty much created a wall. The kitchen was in the other side of the room, very simple and neat, just like she liked it, and somewhere inbetween her "bedroom" and the kitchen she'd placed her sofa, her tv and her desk with her computer.

Andrea would place two pieces of bread in the toaster, set the timer and head towards the window, looking outside at the world down in the street. It was probably ten meters down to the street where citizens of all colors stressed passed her building. It was over ten years since she last heard the sound of footsteps, people shouting in the street yet she could remember most of the sounds, and sometimes she imagined the voices of people or the sound of the items she sees. However it was not the same, and it often didn't work more than a few seconds.

Realizing that it was a workday, and that she was supposed to meet, Engineer Andrews at the univercity this morning, she would hurry to her closet pick a set of clothing, then to the bathroom, finishing her morning routine. Thereafter she would get to the toaster and grab the little too burned toast taking a bite before she hurried down the stairs with her bag of robotics. She was going to meet Andrews to talk about and plan how she should build the prostethic of an arm she had been requested to make. She had to combine strength, a good looking design, good agility and of course robotics and tech that would last a life time. Hopefully Andrews would help her find a good soloution so that the costumer would become happy.

 Posted: Jan 27 2018, 11:00 PM
Robotic Engineer
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technology changes all the time

human nature, hardly ever

There was something about working on a medical implementation that eased Cressida’s soul. Knowing that her work would be doing good, allowing someone to carry on with their lives, without suffering. Mounted on the lab's wall was the reminder of their past achievements, a cybernetic leg coated in the revolutionary neural silicone covering. It took pride of place in a glass case and marked with a plaque stating the team's names with the date. ‘First Steps’ it boasted.

"You know that it means so much more to you when you work on something like this," Pax interjected between sips of her steaming coffee. It was one of the few luxuries that she relied on to keep her a functional member of the team. There were times that she considered resorting to more hardened substances to either ease her to sleep or keep her more alert.

Sid's eyes closed as she inhaled the strong bitter roasted aroma. The smell of his cologne was a distant memory now, the bottle had perished over the years and all that remained was processed alcohol. At times she caught the familiar scent, her mind tortured her with the reality. Her elbows rested against the work surface in the lab as she hunched over it with the coffee cup clasped between her hands.

"Just because I'm not real, doesn't mean I'm not right." His big brown eyes looked across the bench like they often did after collecting breakfast on the way to the lab. The creases in his cheeks deepened with his grin.

A defeated sigh forced past the edge of her cup. "I know you're right." She answered him out loud. "But to admit you're a part of me, only confirms there's- there's something wrong with me." The faltering of her words only reaffirmed her concerns.

"Biological scans confirm you are in good health Cressida." Dot chipped in. The Green parted her lips considering a response but shook her head. "If you have concerns about your health I would recommend you take advantage of the health care offered by the University."

She couldn't help but chuckle at its comment. "I'm starting to think you're an agent of there's keeping tabs on me." Her breath trembled across the surface of her coffee before she drained the last mouthful. She glanced at the archaic timepiece fastened across her wrist and straightened up. There would be no comfort in the solace of her lab today, she would be needed in the medical sciences centre.

"Show 'em what you've got Sid." Pax's voice lingered in the air as she made her way across the lab and tapped the door release firmly, automatically it wheezed open, allowing her to continue her journey.


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