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» Doggy in the Window, tag Zephar
 Posted: May 15 2018, 07:22 PM
Junior Priest
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Offline / WHITE

Kier was an adult and could go out on his own, although it was something that wasn't the most common. He frequently got stuck with a minder - someone to 'make sure he was furthering his faith' - but he was pretty sure the reason he was so seldom allowed out on his own was that he didn't speak.

The silent priest (well, junior priest) had actually made it out on his own today, on the priestly errand of charitable work. Specifically, he was going down to a small animal shelter in the market, one that served middle and low Colors and needed helping hands.

He was just getting there and waiting patiently to be put to work when he jumped at the oddest (but not strictly impossible with a little questionable application of science) occurrence. One of the dogs spoke to him. "Help me get out of here, will ya?"

Nervously, the delicate White edged closer, peering at the dog. He was wary of tricks, but if this was one it was harmless.

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