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» The House of Humble, Adlynn/Quin
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 01:03 AM
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Lift Me Up get me through this night, I know I'll rest tomorrow

Usually there wasn’t a day that passed where Adlynn didn’t consider working. Mostly because it wasn’t the kind of work you could shun without ruining your reputation or having to rearrange a week's worth of appointments to make up for lost business. It was all about balance, the delicate adjustment of curating regular income with the one-off shows that brought in big money and the chance to expand her circle. Today, however, there was no choice but to remain at home.

Her body ached and her fever peaked, the flop sweat from her broken sleep made her hair stick to her face. This place was somewhere she avoided if at all possible, it wasn’t the apartment and it wasn’t who she lived with but it was the reminder that she would never amount to be more than what she was. A Pink. There was no progression, she danced, she pleased, she slept. Seldom was there the chance that her own pleasure would be returned in a selfless act. Outside of her friendship with Daleka, she relied on her Pinks. The ones she’d taken under her wing and protected, taught the lessons she hadn’t received.

Adlynn’s bleary eyes cast over her phone, there was one event that couldn’t be cancelled. A midnight show of the Libél Princess, if that was to cancel she would owe more money than she’d ever be able to raise. She needed to prepare, it was not a job for just one Pink. “Quin” Her voice rasped before she attempted to clear it with a thorough cough into her damp pillow. She heaved her weak body upright and dropped her weight laden feet to the cold floor with a slap, her head spun from the somewhat quick movement. Her hand pushed into the worn mattress and gripped the faux satin sheets. “I need tea.” She groaned.

tag: QUINLAN CAHILL + notes: none.

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