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» Ezra Sterling, 63 | Gold | Pierce Brosnan
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 01:49 AM
Minister of Defence
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Ezra Dimitri Sterling
full name: Ezra Dimitri Sterling
nicknames/aliases: Sterling
age: 63
birthday: 01/01
occupation: Minister of Defence
gender: Male
pronouns: Him/He/His
member group: Gold
nation of origin: Novas
addictions/illnesses: Knee and Hip replacement
character nature: Original Character

body marks:
  • tattoos: None
  • scars: Several battle scars from his time in service.
  • piercings: None.
  • modifications: A knee and hip replacement from services injuries
face claim: Pierce Brosnan
hair color: Grey
eye color: Blue
height: 6'2" 1.8m
built: Fit but ageing


family tree:
  • parents: Dimitri Sterling [Father: Deceased KiA 32], Isolde Sterling neé Guttenberg [Mother: 89 Retired]
  • siblings: Ignatius Sterling [59], Atticus Sterling [55]
  • children: Anastasia Sterling, Emerson Sterling & Primrose Evergarde.
  • pets: Airedale Terrier named Beck
  • other: None
sexual orientation: Hetrosexual
relationship status: Married
partner: Ophelia Sterling neé Kinsley


The bright blue eyes of the young girl scanned the ageing Gold’s face, his fingers brushed the plump skin of her cheek and his thumb tweaked the tip of her nose. “Come on Calli.” He encouraged her, letting his hand sweep around her shoulders and pulled her in against chest. The starched collar of his shirt pressed in against the back of his neck as she scooped her up with his free hand.

Calli’s arms held onto her grandfather, in his formal attire, he was difficult to pick out from the other ministers and aides in office. His shock of grey hair had been softening to silver for many years and his beard was almost a trademark. “What do you do here?” Callista asked him in her usual honest and naïve way.

“Well. This is where the different ministers, meet and discuss how we stand as a nation. Novas as a whole.” Ezra begins to explain, “Different Ministers specialise in different things.” The young girl looked up into his eyes, they widened in thought with his words. “We work together within the Cabinet and advise our leadership as to how things are progressing and what difficulties or threats could compromise the nation.”

Soft mousy waves of the young Sterling’s hair covered her face and she haphazardly pushed them aside with a scrunch of her nose, “What threats and comprise do you mean?” Firmly her fingers rested back on his shoulder, uninterested in the movement around them, only the words of her guardian. She was inquisitive and curious, a true likeness of his youngest daughter.

His hand moved to smooth out her hair, “A threat could be unrest in amongst the colours, a natural disaster, or an individual looking to take action.” There was a sinister undertone to his explanation. “I take intelligence reports and make a decision on the importance of each threat and how they could affect Novas.” He continued to carry Calli into the grand glass lift of the Cabinet building, the grand levels of Novas stretching out as far as the eye could see.

“Why would there be unrest? What does it mean?”

Her grandfather turned her to look out of the city, his gaze settling along the Regal Mile and his hand raised to point it out. “Not everyone understands the need for colour and class, they feel the need to push against the boundaries that have been in place for hundreds of years.” Naturally, he paused and turned toward the lobby with the opening of the lift’s doors. “The systems provide stability to the nations across the world. There have been no major conflicts since it was introduced. You don’t have to agree with it to accept that the sense of order works.” His words neither confirmed nor denied his opinion on the subject.

Callista flexed her fingers against his collar as he explained, her young mind absorbing his knowledge before continuing with her questions on the way the world was. “Why would two people in love be a threat to Novas?” She asked after carefully selecting her words. It was something she had been taught by him. Ezra couldn’t help but grin and kissed the top of her head tenderly.

“My dear girl, there’s a politician in you yet.” He lowered to the floor and she darted toward the security gate where the staff didn’t hesitate to let them both pass through without further ID. The Minister dipped his head in acknowledgement to the well presented Gray who held the gate for them. She slowed and offered him her hand, “That is a very complicated question. There’s a lot to think about within that, what the law says, the moral implications and what you feel is right.” His eyes cast over the faces of every colour they passed, bowing his politely in greeting where needed.

Some of his words Calli struggled to grasp, “Law says mixed colours mustn’t marry or have children. That means that love between colours could never be, because-because love has a natural ending with marriage and children.” She answered with hesitation and carefully choosing her words. “Death is the punishment for either colour involved, but is it really such a problem?” Her gaze lifted up toward his face again, seeking his approval.

Ezra brought his hand up and stroked his fingers through his beard. “Of course, there will always be the few who go against the law and have relationships away from the public eye. What happens to their children? Where does the line need to be drawn? If a Gold and a Red have a child, is the child brought up in poverty or raised by the Golden family who feels ashamed of their relative's actions?” He looks down at her and allowed to smile to pull across his lips, he crouched down in front of his granddaughter, pulling her close. “This is why I’m here to deal with the why and how. I consider both sides.”


Ezra is a reasonable man with a good sense of humour. At times he can be morbid and dark but he often flashes a wry smile to lighten things. There's a sense of loyalty and passion for the forces, he served in the military as a tactician and special operative corp. People tend to look up to him as a position of authority and knowledge. He’s apt at looking at things from more than one perspective and judge risks.

Selflessness is something that is associated with the Minister, he will stand up for what he believes is right and will pursue it to the fullest extent. He is a man of his word.


Fiercely defensive and driven, Ezra is not someone to mess with. Not much information is held about his time in the military other than he survived where other members of his team didn’t. He has no hesitation in dealing with threats remorselessly, how isn’t known.


Having been married to his wife for Forty-Five years as part of an agreed marriage between houses, little is known about his relationship with Ophelia. Ezra is loyal and respectful, with seldom seen displays of affection. He isn’t known to have a Pink of his own, neither has he been seen in their company.

wanted plots
  • The Order of Janus – Looking for high power Golds from across the nations to partake in a secret society to restore the ancient Roman Empire from fragments of historical archives known as the Encarta.
  • Alien Sanctioning – Tighter controls on Alien tourism, a revolution of the castes because of Alien freedoms would be problematic.
  • Alien Technology – With the new visitors bring new chance to advance human technology, whether its given freely or taken.
  • Power Battle – A world leader is taken out
ooc information

alias: Laurie
age: 30
pronouns: She/Her
timezone GMT
preferred contact PM & Discord
how you found us N/A
triggers: None
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 01:25 PM
Opinion Witch
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Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Rise LAURIE!

Make sure to fill all of your claims and edit your mini profile so your character can be sorted in the right member group and you can start plotting and posting!

 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 02:04 AM
Captain SSS Viper
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Vanic & Ezra
I like the idea of them being family friends somehow. That angle only adds drama to the fact his crew doesn’t seem to respect him. Whether it is extra reports or just the added pressure of the relationship, this could be a good idea.

Maybe they need a thread at some family function and Ezra takes Vanic aside for a one on one talking to?

 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 07:09 AM
Minister of Finance
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Alexander & Ezra:
I'm not sure exactly how well these two know each other but Alex's dad Gerald has been Governor of Novas for years and likely has not made it a secret that he wants Alex to be next Governor (and Alex himself is rather complacent about it). Plus, he has within the last year been made Minister of Finance. So even if they didn't know each other well before (which would not be surprising given the gap in their ages), they likely do now simply because the fact they work together.
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