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» The Appraisal, Luther & Daleka
 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 03:47 AM
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Smell that? That's what death stinks like. But think carefully. Beyond the stench of blood and sweat, and mangled limbs; pieces of the body decomposing in the scorching Novas sun, you can smell something else can't you? Opportunity... the chance at fame and wealth, and maybe one day, power. Don't fixate on the smells of this arena. Close yourself to them. Look up and look ahead. Kill the man in front of you and take a step towards achieving your dreams...

Luther put down the brochure with a bemused smirk. Someone with a talent for words had almost convinced him to take up the ring himself. How easy it was to entertain an idea in someone's head, even his. And why not? He wanted the same thing the author claimed these fighters wanted... except he didn't want to get his hands dirty, if he could avoid it. He hated cleaning blood off his suits.

He looked to his silver watch, a vintage piece from before the colour-caste system was created. 'Rollex' was the word inscribed in its frame, and it glinted with the intensity of a diamond whenever a sun ray wandered over it. The clock's hands moved with gentle grace, and he could hear the rhythmic, tuneful ticking. Pushing him ever onwards. Compelling him to act, as time ran out ever so slowly...

He tapped the long glass, that held his champagne, with subdued intensity. His eyes watched for a moment as the bubbles of that golden liquid moved their way lazily to the top, meandering and bumping into each other, or simply fizzing out half way up their path. A perfect metaphor for the caste that the colour represented. He enjoyed the poetic irony of drinking champagne. It was sweet and yet had a kick to it. And suited the occasion perfectly... because she was sweet - to the eye anyway. What that body and face hid however, was a bull in disguise. The question remained - could he grab her by the horns? Or would she see red and push right through him?

He smiled as he saw the servant appear in the distance. This was the cue he had been awaiting and was pleasantly surprised that she hadn't made him wait as long as she could have. Only thirty minutes huh? Quite the record. Maybe she needed his money more badly than he anticipated. Even Golds could mismanage funds or bite off more than they could chew - the suggestion that they were perfect, was one of the many lies that kept the system from buckling over. But he was a helping hand. Indeed, his face took on a helpful expression and he followed the servant with a pip in his step, excited by the opportunity presented to him.

The man led him down ostentatious corridors, wealth on display at all times. Compared to the arena itself, this upper-class area for the high-end visitors was designed to lure in Golds and Silvers, and make them at ease with what they were about to watch. See if you dressed up anything with the right amount of audacity and elegance, then even the most moral men and women of the higher echelons would be tempted to watch the sport, from these lofty balconies or private VIP rooms, attended to at all times and gifted with foods and drink aplenty. Because, to put it simply, the place was classy, and what happened down in the arena could be dismissed as background noise. After all, it was all about the experience - of being treated like an Ancient King or Queen, with men fighting to their death for your amusement.

He put on his best smile, as the servant stopped and pointed at the doors before them. They seemed built for a giant, as if to make him intimidated... but he merely chuckled at the poor attempt. "She awaits you" the older man declared with a whispery voice, before knocking on the doors. A muffled response was given, and then the servant quickly pushed the wood apart (with some effort, though there seemed to be an in-built mechanism that helped him considerably) and ushered the Silver in.

Brimming with confidence, the man waltzed in with ghostly grace, gliding across the floors. "My lady" he intoned in greeting, bowing his head, as the doors shut behind him.

 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 05:09 PM
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Today's schedule was full. Four fights in the arena, obviously with different gladiators each, that would take up around 3 hours altogether, then the call of honor to reward the still standing gladiators with money, flowers and their well-deserved glory, followed by a small "recruiting meet & greet" with possible future fighters afterwards, that could easily last for over 2 hours, while the hladiators who had previously fought would be relaxing and giving in to whatever their winning asses would desire. Last but not least, she'd have to readjust the upcoming fights' schedule depending on how her gladiators fared in today's battles. Fingers crossed that she wont need a replacement in the last moment...

But before she could even worry about the future like that, she had other matters to take care of. One of them being the visit of a very wealthy, supposedly very successful businessman, a Silver no more, no less, who had expressed his interest towards joining the watchers during one of the gladiator fights today. A possible future sponsor? Who knows? The gladiator sponsor scene was predominantly occupied by Golds, but Silvers werent frowned upon either, since money was money.

The Silver supposed to join her today went by the name of Eden, and if she were to believe his name was anything to hint at the kind of person he was, well.. then the rumors would conflict. There were a whole lot of people who described him as a businessman with great social skills, charming smile and hypnotizing eyes, but then there were a few here and there who didnt think of him so well, so.. innocent. It remained to be seen which part of the Eden Daleka was to venture in. There was still the legend of the forbidden fruit there, wasnt it?

Thirty minutes it took her to sort out all needed for the first fight that concerned her gladiator (which was the second battle in today's schedule), it was all over phone and the longer it got, the more snappy she became, near the end of the call only answering with single words such as "right", "yeah", "okay" and combinations of them until the person on the other end finally left her alone to her other businesses.

Right then, one of the Browns came to announce her that Eden had arrived, and she tucked her phone in her black and blue fur coat, before turning to face the guest with a bright smile formed upon her plump lips. "Luthor Eden. What a pleasure to meet you, welcome, welcome." She spoke in her own unique way of mixing both her most sultry tone and a good amount of mischievousness in one - voice which lured many in, but a lot less managed to ever break through her walls, designed to look like silky veils of mystery. "You have picked such a good day to finally visit the arena! Even though, I will tell you from the start, many more trips are needed to get to successfully know the arena." She was by no means refering to any sort of architectural layout, but to the way things worked around here, the way the people were and the feelings this place could awaken in you. He would discover all that, eventually....if he could endure it all.

The woman smirked, advancing towards the Silver with a hand extended towards him, for a rightful handshake as a formal greeting, before she'd pull him in half a hug, still holding his hand while doing so. It was a quick gesture, but to her it asserted her dominance in her own territory, as if saying she could figuratively tackle him at any time. "Looking forward to showing you around and enjoying the shows together. How are you?" She forgot to ask that in the first place, but it was never too late, especially after the whole greeting was over, and the Brown left the two to their business.

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