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» Eye for an Eye, Adlynn/Anatol
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 12:54 AM
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revenge a powerful motivator and tastes sweetest

The artificial blue glow of a phone lit Adlynn’s face beneath her hood. She walked through a mid-caste residential street, the message she’d read confirmed her expected location and that someone would be waiting for her on arrival. Her stride was more like a strut, it couldn’t be helped with the height of her heels on the mock paving stones. She pulled the collar of favourite camel trench coat, it was a gift from one of her violet clients. If there was something she treasured most, her attire was one high on her list, it made her feel like the Gold she was inside.

No one thought twice about seeing a Pink roam the streets at that time of the night, it was quiet apart from the odd hovercar than whirred past and those returning to the pleasantries of domestic life. But for many Pinks, the night was just beginning.

In the distance, a figure waited awkwardly under lamplight. Adlynn didn’t look twice, she continued her strut confidently down the street. Her mind repeated over the description she’d had whispered to her by a trembling girl whose face was stained by tears and marred by a large bruise that pushed past the socket of her left eye. The Pink pinched her lips and let her tongue run along the back of her teeth. Six foot, medium build, around mid-thirties, wavy brown hair and a soft spot of pale girls who look innocent. This Yellow shrink would pay his dues to her and the girl he harmed.

Her eyes moved to check the proudly displayed door numbers. Five seven three, five seven five. Four more doors. The lamp lit figure remained still and she stopped outside five eight three, her back rested against the pillar that divided the short staircase up to the door. They said he’d be here.

tag: ANATOL MAZUR notes: outfit

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