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[ _the weather in novas is getting warmer and warmer ] [ _green internships available for libel immigrants ] [ _tourism in novas is in blossom ]
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[ _more people found guilty of crimes against color (hidden mixed pregnancies and/or similar affairs) during the "love gas" incident have been detained, judged and will be facing their punishments _live transmissions of their executions will be available all throughout june _if you know someone struggling with such issues, reach out to a grey for help _do not let them become a victim of their own crimes ]

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 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 02:47 AM
engineer / inventor
3 posts
20 points
Offline / GREEN

Aiden Vendegrift
full name: Aiden Tomas Vandegrift
nicknames/aliases: N/A
age: 27
birthday: 29. September
occupation: Engineer / Inventor
gender: Male
pronouns: he/Him
member group: green
nation of origin: novas
addictions/illnesses: coffee and related stimulants / insomnia
character nature: wanted ad

body marks:
  • tattoos: N/A
  • scars: minor burns and scars on hands and arms
  • piercings: N/A
  • modifications: Aiden has several implants designed to make his work easier. This includes security implants for his work spaces, aslot he can stick memory cards in that his brain can access and an implant that allows him to "meditate" and reduce the number or hours he needs to sleep each night.
face claim: anton yelchin
hair color: sandy blonde
eye color: blue
height: 5'3"
built: lean, wiry


family tree:
  • parents: James Vandegrift - Father
    Stephanie Vandegrift - Mother
  • siblings: N/A
  • children: N/A
  • pets: N/A - Aiden's not allowed pets
  • other: N/A
sexual orientation: bisexual
relationship status: Single
partner: N/A

Stephanie and James Vandegrift were prepared for an intelligent child, they were not prepared for Aiden. For the first year or so, they were fairly sure they had a normal child on their hands, if a little more prone to attempting to bite things or otherwise explore them. By the time Aiden could talk, however, it became very clear that whatever adventure they'd thought having children would be, someone had thought to mock that endeavour. Aiden wasn't just intelligent, he was scarily so.

"Aiden Tomas Vandegrift! What did I tell you about the other kids."
"That it's okay to be smarter than everyone."
"But you don't need to go pointing it out."
"Other people don't like it."
Hypothesis: Children do not react favourably to being asked why they are struggling to understand the basic concepts offered to them.

Method: Asked Suzy Lovelace about her understanding and if her lack of was due to genetics or lack of application.

Result: Split lip and black eye from enduring a walloping from her inappropriately strong lunchbox. Mother was displeased. It's unclear if mother's protest stems from the blood on her carpet, the cracked front tooth, the violence or the choice not to follow instructions.

Upd. Mark Tolly didn't like it either. Note: mother is probably right. However, she has provided me with the materials needed to attempt the understanding of how social interactions go.

Upd. Apologised to Suzy and asked if she would like help. She accepted and offered me half of her cookie. Mark pushed me in the mud. Hypothesis; girls are more sensible about things than boys.

Completely out of their depth as his parents were, Aiden couldn't fault them at least for the social lessons. His mother explained everything with a calm, patient air and his father was always there to play with him when he wanted, even when that meant being handily beaten at most games before they'd had a chance to really get into them. They wanted nothing more than to see him succeed, and as a green, his intelligence would only be encouraged further as he grew. So they got him tools and left him to tinker, at least until they'd decided he'd had enough being alone and shoved him at other children. Fortunately, Aiden was nothing if not delighted by other people, even if he didn't always understand all of the intricacies. He was bubbly, personable and eager to throw his arms around people for any reason. His lack of personal space came directly from the delight of human contact, rather than a lack of understanding of when it was appropriate. That didn't mean, he didn't have problems.

Hypothesis: Coffee acts as a stimulant and can decrease the negative effects of a lack of sleep.

Method: Work until eyes start drooping, break into Mom's supply of the 'good coffee' as she refers to it. If by the complete change in Mom before and coffee is anything to go by, it's clear that this must be some kind of miracle drug. Result: Coffee is the best thing in the world. Who needs sleep? There is no need for sleep, there is only coffee. Mom is displeased again. Again, not certain if the displeasure is because there was a serious dent in her coffee stores over night or if she feels two hours of sleep is too little. I asked, but she just sighed. Maybe she feels it's excessive?

Upd. Minor complication, apparently medics find current levels of caffeine alarming. Also they had some concerns about my ability to consume coffee even after intelligent life forms have begun to make their assault on the forming cultures. Upd. Was given options: reduce level of caffeine intake or find some way to hide intake from the medic.

Will keep notes on the success of the latter option, which was inferred rather than explicit.

Upd. Turns out falling asleep on one's work bench while working with certain materials can leave one without eyebrows. Mom drew some on. People keep asking why I look quizzical. Also asked what happened to my other eyebrows. Mark Tolly made snide remarks about my eyebrows, I made snide remarks about his intelligence.

Upd. Mother once again informed me that it's fine to be smarter than Mark Tolly, but for the sake of my nose and ability to see out of my right eye, I should cease pointing it out. She may have a point. Hypothesis: People don't like it when you don't notice they cut their hair.

Result: There is a slight chance I was supposed to notice Tracie's new haircut. However, my attempt to compliment her and get back on task for the group project, apparently made her burst into tears and storm out.

Upd. Apparently 'it looks nice' was not the reaction she was going for. Nor was 'I didn't realise you were blonde'.

Upd. 'Your hair looks really cute today' appears to have been the response she was looking for, as rather than tears, she kissed my cheek and told me I was sweet.

Hypothesis: Kissing is not an appropriate way to express enthusiasm in a new invention working correctly and pants should be worn in the lab at all times.

Result: Managed to clean out the bugs of the mechanics of the improvement to the hoverboard, it would at least no longer stutter out over sudden shifts in altitudes (also an improvement), thought of adding some kind of solar powered sail to encourage it to get higher and faster. Like the ships of old. Delighted with my achievement, I kissed my work partner, and while nice enough (pleasant, warm, tingly), my partner reacted with enough surprise and a little bit of confusion enough to alert me to the fact I should probably keep to hugs. Hugs are great. Also pants should always be worn in work spaces. I forget sometimes that clothes are a thing needed for interacting with people.

Upd. Captain of the ship expressly requested I put pants on before wandering around like a caffeine starved zombie at the most disgusting hours of the morning. Hypothesis: Some people have a much higher rate of acceptable risk than others.

Result: Certain members of the crew feel that 21% of catastrophic life support failure is not an acceptable risk to upgrade the functionality system on the navigation program. Personally I feel that at that rate it's more than an acceptable risk, but I was over ruled.

Upd. Captain did not find 19% any more reassuring.

Upd. I may have caused a small explosion. I am once again missing my eyebrows but there remains nothing wrong with the life support system. However the toasters continue to toast unevenly and out of sync.

Upd. The toasters have nothing to do with the navigation systems.
Aiden is a relatively friendly person. He has absolutely no problem talking to anyone nearby (or even just in their general direction). For the most part, he’ll be talking about engineering, or coffee, but he will talk to anyone. Running on coffee and almost no sleep, Aiden is an inventor striving to make the world a better place one little trick at a time. Given a challenge, he’ll pour himself into it until he succeeds or fails, but it may be a while before anyone sees him while he’s working on it. Chatty, hyper and with no sense of personal space, Aiden pretty much strikes up conversation with anyone that will listen to him for even a moment.
As mentioned before, Aiden is hyperactive, hell-bent on changing the world and extremely tactile with strangers. These are things that are bound to mean some people just don’t like him very much. He doesn’t think to ask before sleeping on someone’s shoulder, nor does he think much of hugging them when they might want him to do literally anything else. He ignores medic suggestions and quite often ends up babbling nonsense at the nearest mug of coffee. As friendly as he is, that doesn’t mean everyone has to like him. He also frequently forgets that he is scarily intelligent and is prone to leaving people in the dust if they don’t remind him to slow down.
Aiden honestly doesn’t notice romance. He kisses out of affection, and hugs the same. He just doesn’t think about people in a romantic way unless he’s forced to. As clever as he is, he puts people in boxes rather quickly and doesn’t think to remove them. Once he’s told to, or asked to consider it, he’ll generally change his mind but without that explicit request, he just remains oblivious.
wanted plots
Aiden needs just about anything in his life, and being as excitable and sometimes problematic as he can be (with minor explosions, great ideas that are definitely not great and an ability to talk underwater at a mile a minute), he can make a good friend to drag along on less than brilliantly thought out adventures.
ooc information

alias: excalibur
age: 18+
pronouns: she/her
timezone GMT +0
preferred contact pm, others on request
how you found us nara
other characters @alesander kalathas
triggers: N/A
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 03:30 PM
code fiddler
with the skwad
nosey lil fucker
116 posts
20 points
Online / ADMIN

Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Rise, EXCALIBUR!

Make sure to fill all of your claims and edit your mini profile so your character can be sorted in the right member group and you can start plotting and posting!

 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 08:07 PM
Prostethic developer
7 posts
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Offline / GREEN



Andrea is looking for friends in the Novas, and maybe Aiden would like to be one of hers? The two could be both friends and colleagues? Helping each other?

Aiden is a very interesting type of person, and I believe having Aiden in Andrea's life would be fun, maybe even lighten the days. Both are in their ways different from others, she being deaf, and him way to smart for people? :D Anyhow I also hope, that maybe he wouldn't have any problem learning the basics sign language, maybe Aiden even saw it as a challenge to learn?

Anyhow it would have been great to have a friend to communicate with, sign language or not.

If this doesn't appeal to you, I'm up for other plots as well, just shoot suggestions if you have ideas!
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