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» Spencer Ruzsa, 20 | Silver | Thomas Langhendries
 Posted: May 9 2018, 09:09 PM
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Spencer "Spence" Ruzsabasicsfull name: Spencer Árpád Ruzsanicknames/aliases: Rainbow, Spenceage: 20birthday: 20/Julyoccupation: Student/Heir to an Arms manufacturing businessgender: Malepronouns: He/Himmember group: Silvernation of origin: Mysidianaddictions/illnesses: Does being a c*nt count? If not you can put up violence under "addictions".character nature: original characterappearancebody marks: tattoos: None, too uptight for one scars: None piercings: None modifications: Noneface claim: Thomas Langhendrieshair color: Blondeye color: Blueheight: 5'9''built: Fit/Slender relationshipsfamily tree:parents: Richard and Elizabeth Ruzsa siblings: Nonechildren: Nonepets: A 15ft. Giant Anaconda named "Death" which he got on a whim.other: A myriad of jealous kinsman.sexual orientation: Who knows?relationship status: Singlepartner: NonefreeformTW: Animal violence and bullying"The rainbow", some call him, albeit never where he can hear it. Spencer Ruzsa might be a silver by birth, alas he might even possess most typical traits of one, but he is much more complex than that. Handsome as a Pink, with the intelligence of a Green, the academic performance of a Yellow and the demeanor of a Gold, his Silver birthright is merely the jewel upon what his true personality really is.Born to Richard and Elizabeth Ruzsa, Spencer is the heir to the Rusza Manufacturing Group (RMG), one of the World's leading arms manufacturer situated in Mysidian. Born as an only child, ever since his birth there was a given degree of certainty that one day he would succeed his father at the head of the company, whether or nor he could hold on to the position however, was another matter entirely.The RMG was a family-owned business, however it had a peculiar way of inheritance, that of primogeniture. According to family tradition, the sole heir of the industrial complex was the eldest, living son of the current leader, this was originally done to ensure the company's unity and cohesion, however it did have the nasty side effect of leaving all other relatives on virtual poverty, or worse, dependent on the Head of the family's charity and goodwill. Needless to say that such a system resulted in its fair share of "accidents" regarding firstborns, indeed, the familial relations of the Ruzsas are not to be joked about. Some members are known to have simply disappeared when they became too troublesome, weak leaders or Heads of the Family were devoured in-office by ambitious relatives seeking power for themselves, and it was not uncommon for current heirs to develop sudden, fatal and inexplicable diseases while toddlers, all in all the RMG, to those familiar with it, resembled more a feudal state that an enterprise.Growing up in such an environment did leave quite a mark on young Spencer. Living in Mysidian, "the nation of death", cut off from any potential friends and, on top of it, stuck with a family that despised him and a father that was more of a "Robber Baron" than a paternal figure threw him off the ways of regular Silvers. As years passed he became more and more reserved, people did not quite know how to get to him, and when they did though, they would often regret it. For what they'd found would be an amoral teen, oblivious and dismissive of the problems of others, self-centered, entitled and spoiled like a gold, and there was something else, something everyone noticed, but no one quite seemed to grasp just exactly what it was.No one rational that is, since the unlucky orange cat that one day strolled into the family property had a full glimpse at just whom Spencer Ruzsa truly was. To this very day Spence still remembers the afflicted, screeching sounds the animal let out while he opened it up with a kitchen knife, he still remembers the warm feeling of the blood running down his hands, it made him feel alive. Soon enough, after he got bored with animals, he started to play with the multiple servants at Ruzsa manor. This "game" though was a mental one rather than physical, the sarcasm, the hinted-at threats, it was nothing short of bullying and the best part of it all was that they all fell for it. After all, what could a lowly Brown or Red do against the son of the boss? The vast majority were simply too terrified of him to fight back, and those that weren't, were afraid of his father instead.When he turned 18, his father informed him that he was to go to Novas to finish his education. Predictably, the smoggy, industrial Mysidian did not quite have the "elite" schools Richard was looking for his son and so it was that the heir to the RMG was sent to a foreign nation, only Fortuna knows what will come out of it.platonicHe hasn't had many friends until now. He grew up in his family's mansion in Mysidian, right next door to the family's Industrial, arms complex, so... not quite the place to raise any other kids. To be fair his isolation is only a pale, feeble reason for him not to have friends when compared to his personality. He's an arrogant, sarcastic psychopath who is more self-centered than anyone ever should be, friends - now that he's in Novas - would be mostly people from the high colors around whom he can be a douche at his own will.antagonisticDue to his family history he'll have a tendency to see everyone around him as hostile. On the other side of that coin, his character and outright awful personality will handle the whole "making of enemies" for him.romanticI'm quite open here, not even Spencer himself quite knows what he finds attractive, he has just settled on the fact that his parents will someday find him a random Silver girl for him to marry and he's just fine with it.wanted plotsI had imagined 2 sorts of plot to begin with: - On one side I wanted to sort of drive the character "into the ground". Meaning, Spence thinks he's better than everyone so I wanted him to meet "his match", to have someone to bring him back to reality, someone to beat him and humiliate him every step of the way. A general smack in the face that is.- On the other side I'd really like to play to his psycho side, having him torment and/or bully someone, to play mind games with and just be a general douche around.- On more general terms, I wanted some friends for him, since he's not used to have many people around him, his whole situation in Novas is new to him and it will take him awhile to adapt. His douche-ish personality won't help either. - Since he's my first char on this site I'm also very open to any other plots other players might have, given that they do not go against his personality.ooc information alias: VSage: 21pronouns: He/Himtimezone GMTpreferred contact PM/Discordhow you found us affiliatesother characters Nonetriggers: None
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