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Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future.

Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?

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UPDATE 08 - 05/2018 A new writing challenge is up! Move us to tears with a glimpse from your character's life and get a cute lil badge as well as valuable points :D

UPDATE 07 - 03/2018 The Stupid Cupid event is now over! Everyone who took part has been rewarded with points and a tiny cute award! Stay tuned for more challenges and events :>

UPDATE 06 - 02/2018 Our Valentine's Day event is here! Go sign up your characters for some free smootches ;D

UPDATE 05 - 12/2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We have a new announcement for you, holiday gifts and of course we're giving warm welcomes to our newest members!! Keep your eyes peeled for more c: Also, did you notice we're 2 months old now? Yaaay!

UPDATE 04 - 11/2017 The event ended and every participant has received their rewards! We've also cleaned up the board for any inactives, updated the claims and ratios accordingly and we're celebrating Rise's one month anniversary! We love you guys so much <3

UPDATE 03 - 10/2017 Rise's first on-site challenge is up! Come celebrate Halloween with us and earn points and pretty badges~

UPDATE 02 - 10/2017 Rise's official opening is here! Today we open to the whole public, so make sure you welcome in everyone new & returning and make lots of friends and plots!

UPDATE 01 - 10/2017 Rise's soft opening is here! Make yourself at home while we iron out any remaining wrinkles around the site!

UPDATE 00 - 09/2017 Beta testing around the site has begun.


[ _the weather in novas is getting warmer and warmer ] [ _green internships available for libel immigrants ] [ _tourism in novas is in blossom ]
[ _low and middle class inspections have been scheduled for june and will be conduced by our trustworthy greys ] [ _gladiator fights will be broadcast four times a week across the nations ]
[ _more people found guilty of crimes against color (hidden mixed pregnancies and/or similar affairs) during the "love gas" incident have been detained, judged and will be facing their punishments _live transmissions of their executions will be available all throughout june _if you know someone struggling with such issues, reach out to a grey for help _do not let them become a victim of their own crimes ]

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» ANNOUNCEMENT #2, holidays & points
 Posted: Dec 29 2017, 03:36 AM
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Hey guys! Look at thaaaat, December's almost over! Well, so is 2017, but details.

We hope you've all had fun during the holidays, and we hope that everyone got to eat as much as they were forced to they wanted, sleep and relax as your heart dictated and just generally enjoyed yourselves, and if you're still celebrating or have stuff coming up soon, then have lots of fun!

And, of course, since 2017 is almost over, we had to put you guys up to date with the new stuff we added, and let you know what's to come in the early future.

First addition:

ADS FOR POINTS - Which basically means that we're opening the advertising section for you guys to be able to Link Back on the sites who come and post First Links on Rise, with our provided template in the ads section, and each ad you post will get you 3 ic points. We'll set up a thread explaining this further in the ads section soon. (in the morning, it's 3am as I'm writing this)

Second up:

FEATURED REQUESTS - If you want to put your wanted ad(s) in the spotlight for more exposure, you can get yours pinned in the category for 100 points in the shop thread (here). More details inside~

Last but not least:

RISE SANTA - Santa's coming to Rise yaaay belated. Every character account with at least one IC post made during December gets a 50 points gift! They'll be added by the staff and you'll get a pm telling you about it just so we can keep track of who we gifted and who we have remaining ♥ And if you didn't get the chance to post due to the holiday chaos and such, or if you've only recently joined, you can still get the points if you make at least an IC post until the first week of January.

Aaaaand that's it for now in terms of what we've added.
Stuff we're planning includes: seasonal events, that promised constantly expanding list of tech created by members or just mentioned in threads, maybe a thread roulette if you guys want/are into that? Let us know what else you'd wanna see around! As usual, we're constantly looking to improve everyone's experience here and being like family ♥ So don't hesitate to give feedback, suggestions and whatnot.

Thank you for being awesome, fam! Stay cool.
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