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» I dare you, Henry/Courtney
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 03:47 AM
medic on SSS Viper
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Offline / YELLOW

I can hear it now like I heard it then

’Damn, damn, damn Asterin thought while rushing out of her apartment building, hair in the wind and praying she managed to get there in time.

’C’mon, c’mon, c’mon’ she willed the hoverbus to go faster, as if she could influence it with only the power of thought. She’s been back on Earth for two days, but she was still adjusting to the schedule and timezone.

Anxiously tapping her foot, she looked at the large building approaching in sight. It was not helping with her nervousness at all. One of the most elite Yellow institution. Sure, it was mostly for scientists, but various types of Yellow frequented it and had business there.

Today, Asterin’s was a class in surgery, a practical way to train. Even if she had completed her basic training a couple of years ago - and a little bit more, just to get her where she wanted -, the Yellows were governed in such a way that they were pushed to excellency, always. So once in a while, in turns, they could sign up and get scheduled for different types of classes, instead of going to work on a normal day. And the more experienced ones were given the opportunity to teach. They had the possibility to refuse of course, both types. Asterin, even if she’s been displeased about their system on some levels, she still had quite a Yellow mentality. It couldn’t hurt to learn new methods of working or perfect her techniques. It didn’t matter that she wouldn’t practice as an established surgeon, it would come in handy, especially in space.

Still, the crowds of scientists made her stomach twist a little, bringing up good and bad memories. But she pushed through that feeling and entered with her head held high. After all, she and her family didn’t exactly work here, at the DNA Centre, but at another, more secluded facility. Smaller. Even if the atmosphere resembled it a little, the design was vastly different. And somehow she had missed her Yellow world a bit. So it was easy to forget about distractions and focus on her task.

That meant, hurrying to class, which, after quickly looking at her holo-wrist watch, she was slowly failing at. There were still 10 minutes before it started but she had to go to the locker rooms through the large building and change into scrubs. And the way it was crowded, it will surely take more than that.

People got in her way, she tried to pass them but sometimes she had to wait behind them. She wanted to yell ’Are you walking here or strolling through the park?!’ but she was too dignified for that. She also hated being so short, since it took a while for her to survey the less crowded route.

Finally, she noticed an elevator that was closing its doors and seemed almost empty, as opposed to the ones on the other side of the hall. Yelling a "Hold the doors, please!!" she starting running towards it. What the hell, whoever was inside didn't seem to make any effort to help her. Managing to slip her hand between the doors just in time, she stopped the elevator from leaving and then slipped the rest of her. She'll be damned if she was late to class and had to make up excuses.

She entered dishevelled and feeling slightly annoyed, almost giving the guy a stink eye - and he seemed to be in a similar state himself. But then, the person inside was so tall and intimidating, it seemed like a bad idea to mouth off to him, especially in such a confined space. Also...

'Oh, no, he's hot' she thought. Trying to get her mind out of the gutter, she still couldn't help but try to fix herself a little, while also trying to not be terribly obvious. Coughing a little, she then reached closer to him o press the button, before returning to her spot. The ride was awkward and the elevator music was not helping. Asterin tried to not look at him with the corner of her eyes, but he was a hard presence to ignore.

The elevator dinged and stopped, the doors letting in now suddenly a bunch of people, tension evaporating like air from a vacuumed container. The two were pushed apart in different corners and the chatter of the bunch took hold of everything. But somehow, now, Asterin finally found it easier to look him straight in the eyes. At least she would see something pretty that morning. She held his gaze a moment and unconsciously offered a small smirk.

Next floor was her stop so she excused and squeezed herself between people. Then followed some more running towards the locker rooms so that she could finally get to class. Back to the mundane again.


hi this is v long sorry. I've been writing this since the beginning of jan x.x and i couldn't help being cliche with the elevator it just got away from me ok xD let me know whatchu think, oh also I don't want to assume things about him so maybe his reactions just seemed that way to her, feel free to do ur own thing (like if he did try to stop the doors or said smth etcetc) xoxox

 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 09:08 PM
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Offline / YELLOW

It wasn’t difficult to locate the DNA Center in Central Novas. Why? Because the building was in the shape of a nucleic acid double helix, aka a DNA strand. Well, sort of, Henry thought as he stared harder at the shape of the building. As a surgeon, he generally didn’t have business here since it was home to mostly scientists but he had been requested by the facility to teach a course on the procedure for organ transportation. It had been made clear to him that the attendees would have little to know knowledge of the specialization of organ transplant surgery and the majority were all very young, looking to pick a concentration. If all went well, in a couple of years he may have some new employees at the clinic.

He had taken the hoverbus in terms of transportation, as his daughter needed the family hovercar in order to go to her own classes and afternoon activities in the opposite direction of the DNA Center. Sure, Henry probably should have made her take the bus as it was running late but since he was technically going to be the instructor, he didn’t think anyone would mind if the course started several minutes late. His tall stature and prosthetic arm didn’t provide a welcoming feel and most of the participants on public transportation avoided interacting with him. Sure, he looked a little disheveled and scary, but he was as friendly as anyone else.

Unfortunately, his entire trip from home to the DNA Center was in silence. Well, there was chatter but none of it directly involved him. For someone who liked to help others in anyway he could, no one seemed to want to talk to him. He had even given up his seat when no one else would for mother struggling with her infant carrier. Did he get a “thank you”? No. The mother was attempting to multitask with one arm wrapped around the infant carrier handle and the other on her communication device. Henry let out a deep sigh, as he was reminded of how his ex-wife acted in public with their infant daughter and it was very similar to this young mother.

Thankfully the bus finally arrived at the DNA Center, somehow earlier than expected since it was running late when he boarded. Henry exited the bus and shuffled through the crowed of scientists outside the building with ease. Being tall had its advantages too, as he could bypass those who were vertically challenged with ease since his stride was much larger than theirs. He crowded into an elevator like everyone else when he heard a faint ‘hold the door’. Being one of the closest to the door, Henry kicked his left foot in-between the doors just as a hand slipped between the doors. Yet his efforts were unnoticed as the shorter woman gave him the iconic stink eye as every woman did once in their lifetime. He hadn’t paid much attention to her so he didn’t notice her trying to fix her appearance.

And he certainly wouldn’t notice as the next floor allowed an additional ten people to enter the elevator, forcing them into opposite corners of the elevator. The dull elevator music now a mere whisper as the additional yellows flooded the cramped space with their chatter. Henry glanced at each and everyone of the yellows in the elevator, as anyone of them were likely to be participants in his course today. The majority of them were young, each of them still had their entire life ahead of them and they all seemed ambitious based on their energetic chatter. But then there was one, the same one who gave him the stick eye as she entered the elevator the floor below. She appeared to be in her late twenties, but he wasn’t the greatest with guessing the ages of anyone. But it was painfully obvious she wasn’t the same age as the others in the elevator.

When he had looked in her direction, he had noticed her gaze was directly on his. How long had she been staring at him? Why had he only noticed just now? Sure, she was an attractive young woman and he should have definitely been more preoccupied with checking her out in the crowded elevator, but stupid him focused on the next generation of scientists and surgeons which resulted in feeling nostalgic due to his own upbringing (as he was once a bright-eyed student too). But Henry didn’t have enough time to reprimand himself as the elevator reached the floor in which he was required to get off on. However, it was his lucky day as the younger woman who smirked at him a second sooner made her exit onto the same floor.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t fit in a word to her as she took off sprinting but he hoped to see her once again, even if it was just passing her by in the hallway or entering the same elevator once more.

Henry stripped from his clothes in mere moments in the comforts of the male locker room, dressing in scrubs which were a shade of dark blue (or navy if you wanted to be specific). He would look like everyone else except for the long white coat which signaled his position as an OR surgeon. In addition to the coat, he wore a skullcap as it was important to reflect the professionalism that occurs in the operating room even during a lecture. Health was very important to him and not following the guidelines for appropriate attire could result in a patient dying (from an infection due to wound contamination. In addition to the skullcap, his mouth and nose were to be covered by a mask but since he hadn’t reached the operating room in which he would teach his lecture at it was shoved into one of the pockets on his lab coat in addition with two extra sets of gloves.

Entering the operating room, he was graced with a dozen or so additional yellows, who were entertaining the introduction from the proctor of the course. He didn’t recognize anyone but one, the young woman who both glared at him and then stared at him the rest of the way on the elevator. This was surely going to be an interesting day now. “ Good afternoon everyone, I’m Doctor Townsend and I’m one of the leading organ transplant surgeons in all of Novas. ” Henry introduced himself to his students. It felt weird calling anyone a student but he tried not to think about it. “Today we’ll discuss proper attire and after suiting up, we’ll replicate a typical organ transplant. If you have any questions at any point in time, do not be afraid to ask them. You cannot learn if you cannot comprehend.

TAG: ASTERIN SARGENT; I tried my best, but if it wasn't good enough, let me know and I'll try harder.
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