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» Aurora Ovidio, 24 | Pink | Pia Kristine Cruz
 Posted: Nov 13 2017, 07:18 AM
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Offline / INACTIVE

Aurora "Glamour" Ovidio
full name: Aurora Ovidio
nicknames/aliases: Glamour
age: 24
birthday: 11/03
occupation: Escort
gender: Female
pronouns: She/Her
member group: Pink
nation of origin: Mysidian
addictions/illnesses: None
character nature: Original character

body marks:
  • tattoos: Flowers coiling around her neck, down her left arm and on her upper right arm down to her right palm.
  • scars: None
  • piercings: On both of her ears, and her septum.
  • modifications: None
face claim: Pia Kristine Cruz
hair color: Black, re-dyes it often
eye color: Brown
height: 5'7"
built: Slender


family tree:
  • parents: Unknown storks
  • siblings: Unkown
  • children: Sterilized, unable to have children
  • pets: None
  • other: None
sexual orientation: Pansexual
relationship status: Single
partner: None

Look at me.
Think of me.
I Am Paradise.
The nation of death held so much life, in your eyes.

Though the air was filled with smog and it clogged up your lungs, every breath was cherished. You were always told how lucky you were to be alive. That you had such low chances of actually living when you were born. It made you fear death more than anything.

You can remember watching from dirty windows as units of Obsidian soldiers march on and on, seemingly to nowhere. The other Pinks would tease each other by asking which one they would 'choose', if they were old enough to escort them. You never took part in those discussions, but you listened, quietly and carefully.

It was made clear to you that you had to make a choice, eventually. Bring more Pinks into the world, or cut yourself off from that and pleasure those who needed company. The Storks looked miserable, at least to you. Miserable and tired. You were curious as to which one might be the one that birthed you, but you never asked.

As you got older, you would be called out more often for your silence. You were never as chatty as the other Pinks, you barely said a word on a good day. The Roses would demand that you changed it, or you might be disregarded.

So you threw on a smile and developed a character for yourself. 'Glamour' was the persona that people would expect from a pink: Flirtatious, seductive, and manipulatable. In private, however, it was almost like you were emotionless. The only thing you ever felt genuinely was fear. Fear of failure, of death, that fear was all you ever truly could call your own.

You turned eighteen, and they demanded you made your choice. When you said you wished to be an Escort, that was the end of it. You were sterilized and began to be taught about your new life.

you are the end of my imagination,
and you are everything I imagine.

When you finished your education, such as it was, you were immediately moved from your home nation and brought to Novas, where you were dumped in a brothel and would set to work for the rest of your life. You were popular-- Or at least, Glamour was. You used every cent you could get your hands on to augment your appearance. Tattoos and piercings, mainly. You wanted to separate yourself from the usual batch of Pinks so you could attract more luxurious customers.

You'd seen it happen, once or twice. A Pink that would one day leave the brothel, picked up by some higher-class color, taken away to a life of luxury, or at least out of this place. Glamour could manage that easily, you thought.

As you gained experience, you learned how to make people remember you. Little intimate acts, or certain phrases that would stick out in a person's mind so when they thought of Pinks, they would remember you clearer than all the rest. It got you invited to some functions, and you could only spread your influence more through them.

It took years, and you're still only considered above-average in terms of Pinks. You've yet to catch the attention of a Gold, and you're fairly certain you might not ever. And you could certainly settle for less. There are no emotional ties for you, as you're mostly apathetic to everything internally. The only thing you know is fear. The fear that you'll end up as an uninteresting, dime-a-dozen Pink with nothing good to offer.

The second Glamour sees you, she recognizes you as a customer and that's all she sees from you. How high up the ladder you are color-wise is a good indicator of how hard she'll try to get on your good side. Anyone at or above Copper is a priority target for her, and she'll use all the tactics she's learned at her disposal to get what she wants.

She wants, more than anything, to be a successful Pink. To be sitting at the very top and not having to worry about taking care of herself or merely staying alive. Glamour is very careful about her appearance and how she presents herself, as she knows that it's important that she appeals to her customers.

When she's able to afford it, she's re-dying her hair, considering new tattoos or piercings, or just decorating herself with jewelry and nice clothing. As nice as she can afford, anyway. She believes deeply in the dream that she'll be able to live comfortably because of the color she was born into, and has confidence in her ability to seduce.

As for actual friends, she can see reason in befriending another Pink, but with any other colors she'll try her best to remain strictly professional and to not get very attached.

Glamour could develop some kind of rivalry with another Pink that might be trying to out-play her and beat her to her own goal. She isn't above sabotaging competition in order to get her lead, and has already done so numerous times.

If she's disrespected or insulted, she doesn't make a scene out of it. Glamour might be emotional, but Aurora is quiet and apathetic. Insults hardly bother her, unless it comes from a very important/powerful customer. Not unless it has the chance to ruin her reputation, basically.

She can't help but get these small, impossible fantasies about being swept off her feet by a Gold and away from the mediocre life she finds herself leading. That isn't a romantic love so much as it is a lust for someone's money, but that's as close as she's felt to romantic feelings thus far.

It's foolish and she certainly knows it, but as far as preferences go she would prefer someone tall and strong, yet rich and powerful. A combination that isn't exactly common, and a fantasy that she's never told anyone about.

wanted plots
~ Victims customers for her to manipulate serve.
~ A gold that takes her off the streets and puts them into their brothel? She's kind of just party-hopping right now, no brothel really 'owns' her.
ooc information

alias: Didi
age: 18+
pronouns: She/Her
timezone -8 PST
preferred contact discord/pm
how you found us Resource Site
other characters N/A
triggers: Excessive gore
 Posted: Nov 13 2017, 04:47 PM
code fiddler
with the skwad
nosey lil fucker
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Offline / ADMIN

Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Rise, AURORA OVIDIO!

Make sure to fill all of your claims and edit your mini profile so your character can be sorted in the right member group and you can start plotting and posting!

 Posted: Nov 22 2017, 11:01 AM
gladiators sponsor
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Offline / GOLD

Yooo DIDI I tried catching u on Discord but I think this is a more sure way xD

Anyway, I got two Golds if you wanna thread with either of them, one is MARKUS DOMINIC and he's currently in an arranged marriage with another Gold (Savannah Davis). He sleeps around a lot tho, but he's also an awful purist and bc of that he dislikes the idea of others even thinking abt dating outside their Color xD

Then i got Daleka Jones, who hoards ppl with fighter potential as 'gladiators' for bread and circus as naton-wide gory TV entertainment. She's super into having parties with 9999 Pinks around and would like to have 2-3 she can trust to mess with her competition now and then (Quinlan is one Pink so far) so AURORA OVIDIO could be one of the others in the team too? It could give her reasons to plot with Quinlan too :D and Obsidians~ Daleka tho isnt a purist, and has flings with all sorta Colors she fancies. It could work for a lil romance plot if they have good chemistry ^^ Let me know what u think, cuz I wanna threaddd with ya ♥
 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 11:00 PM
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Offline / GOLD

I have a Gold tho not the type to swoop her off her feet like she dreams, but I do have an idea. see, Lorelei is in love with a silver but she knows they can never be together. she tries in many ways to take her mind off him but she never went too far with anyone because she just doesn't feel it. but what if her mother pushes her to find a pink or two like "u can't be 23 and still a virgin wtf". so Lor tries but doesn't really want to, and maybe picks Aurora since she thinks that a woman could maybe empathize with her. anyway and then Aurora finds out that Lor just wants to talk??? and she prob wouldn't like that since her fantasy and stuff but then Lor would promise to keep her and pay her and maybe Aurora even talks back about her own issues, idk XD sorry this is a feeble attempt at plotting


 Posted: Dec 28 2017, 03:49 PM
Opinion Witch
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This character/application has either:

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  • been put on hiatus for a bit

  • If you wish to reactivate this character, please let a staff member know via PM or post in the reactivation & returning thread with the provided form!
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