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UPDATE 08 - 05/2018 A new writing challenge is up! Move us to tears with a glimpse from your character's life and get a cute lil badge as well as valuable points :D

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[ _the weather in novas is getting warmer and warmer ] [ _green internships available for libel immigrants ] [ _tourism in novas is in blossom ]
[ _low and middle class inspections have been scheduled for june and will be conduced by our trustworthy greys ] [ _gladiator fights will be broadcast four times a week across the nations ]
[ _more people found guilty of crimes against color (hidden mixed pregnancies and/or similar affairs) during the "love gas" incident have been detained, judged and will be facing their punishments _live transmissions of their executions will be available all throughout june _if you know someone struggling with such issues, reach out to a grey for help _do not let them become a victim of their own crimes ]



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» Kyron Reznor, 24 | GREY | RYAN GOSLING
 Posted: May 26 2018, 10:56 PM
Bounty Hunter
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Kyron "Kai" Reznor
full name: Kyron Reznor
nicknames/aliases: Kai
age: 24
birthday: 8/8 (8th August)
occupation: Bounty Hunter / Mercenary
gender: Male
pronouns: He/Him/His
member group: Obsidian
nation of origin: Mysidian
addictions/illnesses: High anxiety, trust issues, insomnia
character nature: Original Character

body marks: Nothing outstanding, just your typical occasional freckle / beauty mark here or there.
  • tattoos: None
  • scars: A myriad of small ones on his arms, hands, torso, and legs; mostly from scuffles and average minor injuries, some are from weapons. One stab wound on his lower right torso (you should see the other guy).
  • piercings: Ears were once pierced, but he stopped wearing them. Too easy for someone to yank them out.
  • modifications: EM muscular implants to boost resilience, dexterity, and strength.
face claim: Ryan Gosling
hair color: Light Brown
eye color: Hazel
height: 6'1"
built: Dextrous


family tree:
  • parents: Moira and Josef Reznor
  • siblings: Younger sister, Analyssa Reznor
  • children: N.A.
  • pets: He would love to have one, but is too busy to take care of it.
  • other: N.A.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
relationship status: Single
partner: NATM

le meow
As a result of his tumultuous childhood, Kyron finds it difficult to trust anyone enough to open up to them. The only person whom he truly trusted was his sister. He could learn to trust someone new and perhaps make new friends, given enough time and motivation.
Kyron is wary of everyone he encounters. He doesn't necessarily consider them guilty until proven innocent, but rather, anyone could be a threat; don't underestimate the old lady in rags, or the skinny kid who barely looks like he can throw a baseball let alone a punch. Due to his profession, he has naturally earned enemies in criminal and pirate circles.
It's difficult enough for him to trust anyone enough to become friends, let alone lovers. Once upon a time, he felt close to a girl named Jenassa; however, she turned out to be a pirate, and left Kai behind to travel with her crew. Since then he's become increasingly jaded towards 'romance'.
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alias: Prae(dyth)
age: 23
pronouns: Feminine
timezone MST
preferred contact Discord
how you found us RPG-D
other characters DEZERAN MALIK
triggers: n.a.
 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 09:21 PM
space creature
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Okay I think he's finished! 8D
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