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» what happens Off-Novas..., stays off-novas? INA/michael
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 12:45 AM
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Offline / GRAY

you blew through me like bullet holes
"I dont know what you expect me to do with these." The woman scoffs, strapping a pair of laser cuffs to her Grey utility belt, then she checks if she has a safe amount of bullets left, as well as if the required scorcher pistol for this trip is all fine. Her comment is directed at another Grey, who had been informing her and MICHAEL GRAHAM about the ship they were about to visit.

An abandoned vessel, stories circulated around the village that it was haunted - a pretty ridiculous claim to make in the year 4066. And yet, the colonists here all believed that. The SSS Viper, Blackwood and Graham's ship, had stopped here to provide some supplies for the colony who had been forgotten until recently, due to some communication technology failures. Perhaps the lack of contact with the people outside of their settlement contributed to humanity's instinct to make up reasons to explain the paranormal? With no one from the exterior checking in and with no one new to provide help, the people were left managing on their own. Hell, the whole ghost rumor was nothing next to what Ruby heard from a kid here, a scary story saying that an alien aboard the now-abandoned ship had infected and taken over the old crew. Or was it the old pilot? At first, she paid no mind to fairytales, but it was better to keep an open mind and be on the look out for any... guests, than act alknowingly and get in danger.

"Just for security. In case..." In case the ghost attacks them? Ruby wanted to complete the Grey's sentence with that, but only raised her brows at them, with a "oh please" look. What were bullets going to do to a phantom? "The cuffs are to drag it back here, right?" She couldnt help but huff amused, and the Grey in front of her shook his head, then followed with a shrug. "I warned you. We have no idea what happened there, and we dont really want to go find out ourselves. Now it's up to you how you approach it. Thanks again for all the help, by the way. You guys were like a miracle." Now, it is his time to puff, this time in awe, then he shakes Blackwood's hand and departs, to go check if the Brown at the gates has the terrain car ready to take the Grey and the Blue to the abandoned ship.

Ruby threw another look at her utility belt, tugging on it once more to make sure it was well secured, before turning to face the Blue next to her, who had also been told the situation with the ship and instructed on what he has to do. Apparently they just had to go see if the ship can still be used, aka have Graham connect to the ship and try to power it up. Ideally also take it back to the village from the crash site, but it wasnt needed since it hadnt been used in so long, and safety was lacking. If the ship was still functional, Ruby assumed that Oranges and Greens would be dispatched to fix it up.

"You ready to go?" She asked, then headed towards the gate, staying close so he wouldnt walk in the wrong direction. She wasnt sure if he'd use her voice as a guide or something, but the more she worked with him, the more mindful she became of his condition, unknowingly.

However....she'd have appreciated it more if Benji or Danya got sent to keep the Blue safe instead of herself. Gods knew how awkward these past few weeks have been - between avoiding the man and only exchanging the bare minimum interactions, not even fighting, but just being plain awkward - Ruby wasnt sure that she was ready to go on a short mission all alone with him. And it wasnt because of ridiculous reasons (like thinking another "Love Gas" would hit them, or whatever the news called it), but because he had been equally distant and awkward and what if they made things even more uncomfortable, somehow? What a nightmare.

"Did you notice he told you to be on the look out for ghosts?" She chuckled, albeit with an awkward air, before taking a deep breath and regretting that she felt the need to clear the tension in the air a bit. Then, she dug her grave deeper in the awkwardpit with "You know, 'cause you're__ blind and__ nevermind. Anyway! Tall terrain car, mind your step." She almost said "watch your steps". Why. This never happened before, so why now? Awful, just awful.

She went in first, then another Grey officer helped Michael get in and followed into the car. From there, they were off to the vessel's place.

Except, the car would leave them close by, instead of driving up to it. It was clear that the colonists were scared to get any closer. Michael was even given a GPS, supposedly it was only like a few minutes of walking to the ship from where the car would drop them off. Then, they'd have to call back for the jeep to pick them up again, with some oldfashioned walkie talkie of some sort. Ruby tried it a few times...but it seemed to work in a wonky way, she wouldnt trust it too much. Hopefully its battery wont leave them.

900 words, tell me if it needs any sort of edits <3

STATUS send me your love gas stories through my Ask~ i reaaally want to read some to feel less awkward about mine.. chances are i'll post your story on my blog!!

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The B's Lair
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 06:09 PM
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Offline / BLUE

It's not gay if it's on the moon
Of all the grays in the Viper, Michael always seemed to be stuck with the one he hated the most. Miss Ruby Blackwood, bitch extraordinair, the woman who always managed to push his buttons on the worst of ways. And Vanic thought they would make a good team to tackle an old abandoned ship and a few scared colonist. The fact that they had to help scared colonists and pretend they were heros should’ve been hint enough that this wasn’t a mission for Michael. But in his defense, they wanted to move the ship, and Michael was the only experienced pilit in the ship.

For now, he was just waiting the preparations, leaning against the wall while Ruby took care of the what was left to do. He could only wait and It was boring but at least he wasn’t alone with her in the most awkward of stupid silences to ever silence.. Once they were gone he followed Ruby, he didn’t need a guide, he was wearing his seeing glasses that was basically sunglasses connected to his Digitats that read the terrain in front of him and fed it to his senses directly, a little like when he connected to the ship cameras.

But walking in silence wasn’t the worst he could be subject to. No, no. The worst was when Ruby tried to make small talk. He shot her a little glares she wouldn’t see due to his glasses. What was she trying to accomplish here? Yes he heard he said to be on lookout for ghosts, but they didn’t do small talk, they hated each other on the best days but after that…. Love gas scandal, they had avoided each other like the plague, an awkwardness hung in the air and Michael always made a point of leaving the room when she was around.

“I don’t need help.” He snapped both at her warning and the driver trying to help him. He got inside the car on his own without a problem. He sat as far from Ruby as he could, this was the worst, the heaviness in the air, how off footed he felt, how he couldn’t stop… thinking… No, he wouldn’t go there, not here, not now. Ugh. he wanted to go home. “Let’s go, the sooner we’re done with this crap, the better for everyone.” He told the driver.

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