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 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 09:35 PM
Prostethic developer
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Offline / GREEN

Andrea Keller
full name: Andrea Keller
nicknames/aliases: Keller
age: 28 years old
birthday: 16th March
occupation: Prostethic Developer
gender: female
pronouns: She/her
member group: Green
nation of origin: Libèl
addictions/illnesses: Acquiered hearingloss
character nature: original character

body marks:
  • tattoos: None
  • scars: None
  • piercings: None
  • modifications: A biotech lens on her right eye giving it a golden shimmer.
face claim: Tori Kelly
hair color: Blonde
eye color: Brown
height: 156cm/ 5.1 feet
built: Curvy


family tree:
  • parents: Donna Elliot (Pink) and Charles Keller(Green)
  • siblings: None
  • children: None yet
  • pets: None
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
relationship status: single
partner: none

Andrea was born to Donna Elliot and Charles Keller. Her parents weren't a couple, seeing as Donna was a pink. When she was very young her father took Andrea with him from Libèl to the big city in Novas to get the babe away from her mother for a reason Andrea is yet to find out, she doesn't know anything about her mother to this day. At a young age, Andrea became interested in technology and computers, because of her fathers common interest in mechanics and modern devices. Andrea spent almost all her sparetime outside of school putting technological devices such as vehicles, computers and other machines apart, and building them back together. As a young girl Andrea also loved to sing (Yes she wasn't born deaf). Music was something she loved and whilst tearing apart vehicles and building them together she'd sing songs, both made by herself and pop songs.

At the age of 15 Andrea had quite the band of friends, a plan for the future. As a green she was destined to work with technology, and her plan was to develop prosthetics. By doing that she could help other people, which was something that burned in her heart. However in the middle of the school year, she was so unlucky to get meningitis. She was treated fast, but being one of the very few, she acquired a hearingloss in both her ears. The damage was brutal and she became completely deaf in her right ear, and only partly deaf in her left. She could still hear high tones and bass sounds, but no speech. It was a tremendous change, extreme for a stressed teenager. The doctors told her that it still didn't exist a way for her to hear like before, but Andrea was offered a hearing aid.

For months the girl was angry, she could never listen to music again, converse with other people like before nor hear if anyone walked in on her. She had spent months only being home in their apartment on the computer programming or putting small electronic devices apart only to rebuild them into something else. Her father both hated and loved to see her like this. She developed more skills within technology, but at the same time she didn't socialize at all. Andrea's father decided that the two should learn sign language, so that she could talk to others like her, and so they did. It didn't take much time due the need to communicate and this all motivated Andrea to go back to school. Nothing was like before, but she managed. Throughout the years she developed her technique in coding, understanding of the technology and how it all worked together. And finally at the age of 26 she had passed all her exams. As it seems, you do not need your hearing when coding programs or building robotics in a lab alone.

For her final project at school she had developed a lens, within biotechnology, that could help her read lips. The lens together with an implant in her brain, would help her process the way people's lips moved. It helped her understand people easier, and also helped Andrea relax, as constantly focusing on the lips movements before was exhausting. Now she needn't think about it as much.

Now in the present, her next goal would be to develope a device that could help her restore her human hearing again. Andrea doesn't live far away from her father, and often makes a visit to see how he's doing. Her father Charles is her biggest hero, and one of the few she can talk to without any handicap. (Sign language)

With her friends and possible new friends she tries to be kind and is probably seen both as goofy and/or curious. She tries to see the best in most people and she enjoys to socialize, as long as people are taking into account that she would need eyecontact to understand what people are saying. Not many understands this, and therefore Andrea often focuses more on her computers and games online than in real life. Hence her little handicap she's is confident and not afraid for other's opinions, why should she? She can tolerate jokes about herself, even laugh with the people making them. Around her closest friends and those she feel comfortable around she wouldn't hesitate to make innuendos or any other kind of sarcastic jokes followed by a goofy laugh. Last but not least, she is loyal.
Andrea is the kind of person who would not create an enemy, yet if you were the unique example to become one you should know:

She would do her best to avoid you. However when first in contact she could snap or become angry. Worst case she'd find her way through your technical devices to hack or ruin your personal life via internet, it would be smart to not be doing anything illegal if you have Andrea on your bad side. Just prepare to get all your files deleted and secrets known to the world.

When it comes to this department Andrea can seem shy at first. She would probably only look for serious relationships. Due her past experiences with relationships plus the past of her parents she would want something stable yet exciting. Andrea would be the girl who would cook, kiss and be cozy. She'd enjoy a simple movie and a good meal at home rather than big and expensive dates out. To her boyfriend she would be caring and kind, but also she would not forget her goofy side and come with jokes and fun remarks. She would not want their relationship to become boring of any kind, and will be able to make compromises for the both's good sake. Her dream in the end of the tunnel would be to get married and to have kids one day.
wanted plots
I'll take anything for now ^^
ooc information

alias: Fern
age: 19
pronouns: She, her
timezone GMT + 1
preferred contact Discord or PM
how you found us Kitty
other characters OFELIA BRAGER
triggers: None yet
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 05:09 PM
code fiddler
with the skwad
nosey lil fucker
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Your application has been accepted, FERN! Welcome to Rise!

Make sure to fill all of your claims and edit your mini profile so your character can be sorted in the right member group and you can start plotting and posting!

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