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» Styx Vogue, 27 | Green | Asami Zdrenka
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 08:10 PM
4 posts
35 points
Offline / INACTIVE

Styx “NYX” Vogue
full name: Styx Vogue
nicknames/aliases: NYX
age: 27
birthday: 12/05
occupation: Cybersecurity Analyst
gender: Female
pronouns: she/her
member group: Green
nation of origin: Novas
addictions/illnesses: Insomia
character nature: Original Character

body marks:
  • tattoos: None
  • scars: None
  • piercings: Ears
  • modifications:



    Datajack - Located at the back of her neck.
    face claim: Asami ZDrenka
    hair color: Blonde, Dark Brown Roots
    eye color: Dark Brown
    height: 5'4
    built: Petite


    family tree:
    • parents: Deceased
    • siblings: None
    • children: None
    • pets: None
    • other: None
    sexual orientation: Heterosexual
    relationship status: Single
    partner: -

Styx has always had an interest in computers and the grid, when she heard about how some people where able to help others and extract information for the good of the color system and its people she felt like she too wanted to be someone important, her parents were a cybersecurity analyst themselves, so learning to code and use a pc was in Nyx's blood. Seeing how Nyx developed a passion, her parents figured that they should start a savings account for Nyx that could come in handy when older.

As Nyx got older she worked hard to learn the various codes and different viruses and malware to protect people from along with fighting against hackers that just wanted to steal or destroy information. But along the path of coding, she picked up some hacking skills but only of a ethical hacker and net-running. By the time she hit her mid twenties she was already working on different contracts to help out people against hackers and any nasty viruses. However, before her parents passed away they told her of the savings account they had. So Nyx used that money and was able to buy herself a reliable laptop and one mod. It was heartbreaking to see her parents go but she thanked them for being able to help her further her career as a cybersecurty analysts.

Nyx does not mind having friends she actually likes having friends in different places, but this is only because they could come in handy someday. Networking is always key in her line of play and work. People she likes hanging with are fellow cybersecurity analysts and almost any green. Although she doesn't mind being friends with any color.
Doesn't really like the Obsidian's because she is scared of them.
It is slightly hard for Nyx to be romantic with someone, so she sticks with flings but not really having enough money for Pinks. Usually her flings are with anyone that she has a interest in, which is rarely.
wanted plots
~Able to help out those that need a netrunner or cybersecurity to do a job for them.

~Able to be hired as a cybersecurty analyst for a organization.

~Doing a deep dive against hackers that are a threat to certain contracts or the people.

~Any other ideas you have to rp with Nyx is more than welcome!

ooc information

alias: Hazel
age: 20
pronouns: She/Her
timezone Central
preferred contact Discord
how you found us RPG Initiative
other characters VIVIAN KING
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 07:06 PM
code fiddler
with the skwad
nosey lil fucker
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Online / ADMIN

Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Rise!

Make sure to fill all of your claims and edit your mini profile so your character can be sorted in the right member group and you can start plotting and posting!

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