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Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future.

Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?

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UPDATE 08 - 05/2018 A new writing challenge is up! Move us to tears with a glimpse from your character's life and get a cute lil badge as well as valuable points :D

UPDATE 07 - 03/2018 The Stupid Cupid event is now over! Everyone who took part has been rewarded with points and a tiny cute award! Stay tuned for more challenges and events :>

UPDATE 06 - 02/2018 Our Valentine's Day event is here! Go sign up your characters for some free smootches ;D

UPDATE 05 - 12/2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We have a new announcement for you, holiday gifts and of course we're giving warm welcomes to our newest members!! Keep your eyes peeled for more c: Also, did you notice we're 2 months old now? Yaaay!

UPDATE 04 - 11/2017 The event ended and every participant has received their rewards! We've also cleaned up the board for any inactives, updated the claims and ratios accordingly and we're celebrating Rise's one month anniversary! We love you guys so much <3

UPDATE 03 - 10/2017 Rise's first on-site challenge is up! Come celebrate Halloween with us and earn points and pretty badges~

UPDATE 02 - 10/2017 Rise's official opening is here! Today we open to the whole public, so make sure you welcome in everyone new & returning and make lots of friends and plots!

UPDATE 01 - 10/2017 Rise's soft opening is here! Make yourself at home while we iron out any remaining wrinkles around the site!

UPDATE 00 - 09/2017 Beta testing around the site has begun.


[ _the weather in novas is getting warmer and warmer ] [ _green internships available for libel immigrants ] [ _tourism in novas is in blossom ]
[ _low and middle class inspections have been scheduled for june and will be conduced by our trustworthy greys ] [ _gladiator fights will be broadcast four times a week across the nations ]
[ _more people found guilty of crimes against color (hidden mixed pregnancies and/or similar affairs) during the "love gas" incident have been detained, judged and will be facing their punishments _live transmissions of their executions will be available all throughout june _if you know someone struggling with such issues, reach out to a grey for help _do not let them become a victim of their own crimes ]

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TIMELINE on Jul 1 2018, 02:22 PM by TEK

Your first stop for Rise is right here. You'll want to learn about the groups, nations and other interesting pieces of information about the board before you check in anywhere else.
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FACE CLAIM on Yesterday at 07:45 am by KATE

finished unfinished

This is where you can post your character's application in order for it to be reviewed by an admin. Make sure to post in the right subforum and use the proper title & description.
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vanic winstead on Jul 14 2018, 07:21 PM by INA

All accepted applications will be sorted here by their group! Throw your plots around with us here!
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this painful duality on Jul 4 2018, 02:05 AM by RUBY BLACKWOOD

Within this board you can find all the character extras you may ever want. Trackers, developments, extra snippets, moodboards or anything you may want

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Just a bunch of misfits on Yesterday at 11:42 pm by Shepard

Whether you want a lover, a mother, a best friend or a brother, you can post and find all types of wanted adverts here within these boards.

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points shop & awards on Jul 9 2018, 09:42 PM by BENJAMIN HAWKE

Need anything? Here you can ask for whatever it is that you need help with, from graphics, codes, to information!
This board is GUEST FRIENDLY. In case you have some questions you need to ask before joining, but the staff team is not around, you should post here. You will get a reply asap!

Need anything? Here you can ask for whatever it is that you need help with, from graphics, codes, to information!

This board is GUEST FRIENDLY. In case you have some questions you need to ask before joining, but the staff team is not around, you should post here. You will get a reply asap!
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Tears down everybody's ... on Jul 5 2018, 12:21 AM by TEK

Every so often we will feature a development mini challenge where you can show a side of your character that might not come up often, each time with a specific prompt.
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mermaid call [C] on Jul 14 2018, 02:59 AM by OLIVIER KOWALSKI

All the past events, challenges and mini challenges will be archived here.
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new hope on Jul 12 2018, 03:24 AM by DALEKA JONES

In this expansive, luxurious housing district the Golds, Silvers and Coppers spend their time relaxing. The houses are all beautiful and well tendered by Browns and upper class Reds. Golds and Silvers on hover boots whiz around the high buildings and drooping, lush greenery drapes over balconies.
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Run in circles and see if y... on Jul 13 2018, 11:16 PM by DALEKA JONES

The Arenas all throughout Novas are where the most gruesome "Gold sport", the gladiator fighting, happens. The strong fight, the weak watch and the rich make money off of it.
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birds of a feather on Jul 14 2018, 03:34 AM by JOSH SHELLEY

Central Novas is a bustling hub of life. A veritable rainbow of colours inhabit the area, going about their daily businesses and performing their duties. Greys and Obsidians march through the streets, ensuring the safety of the society.
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---- on -- by

It is here that the Yellows dedicated to the sciences capture DNA and use it to create new life. Whether it's creating a previously extinct version of a fox or adding venom to snakes to keep the low colours in line, the centre is where it all happens. It is open to visitors during the week.
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Bottoms Up on Jun 11 2018, 01:48 AM by IRA CASSIDY

Suspended above Novas, The Regal Mile is a collection of pure pleasure and entertainment facilities. Golds are known to buy their Pinks and their furniture in this area. The Regal Mile glows in the night as if it were a burning beacon, filled with the happy, laughing faces of the better off. This upper class only market is welcome only to those with a hover car or jet boots. Other access is by invitation only.
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---- on -- by

An esteemed brothel in the centre of Novas, containing the most delectable, smooth-skinned, beautiful Pinks. Elderly Pinks, known as Roses, oversee everything and serve as advisers to younger Pinks when they're struggling to choose between two men. The Quartz is a beautiful, rose-gold and lilac creation that smells faintly of flowers and welcomes all ladies and gents.
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---- on -- by

All of the universities and training facilities that the young colours of the world attend before going into work reside here. A large enclosure in the green land of Novas spans over damn near the entirety of what was Russia. All sorts of universities reside here.
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Purple aliens! on Yesterday at 12:52 am by BENJAMIN HAWKE

Considerably less impressive, the middle class housing is crowded and cramped. Lots of towering, glittering buildings house all sorts of colours. The middle class homes are smaller than the upper class but just as well maintained.
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give me peace on Yesterday at 04:20 am by VANIC WINSTEAD

The Navos Spaceport is a constant hubbub of activity, with Blues, Golds, Greys and so many other colors going about their business and preparing to leave planet or arriving after a long interplanetary trip.
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---- on -- by

In the outer reaches of Novas, Blues learn how to fly through the skies. There is all manner of flying equipment ready here. Blues transfer to this location at age eighteen, after they have received their DigiTats and begin to learn how to travel the universe.
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balance beam on Jul 14 2018, 01:41 AM by THETA KIRKLAND

This is where colours from all backgrounds come to spend their money. In this court, which is actually a dense collection of streets lined with various attractions and buildings, you may find brothels, theatres, cinemas and all manner of entertainment for you to spend your hard earned money on.
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cathedrals in the dark on Yesterday at 12:21 am by COLTON METZGER

All military personnel reside and train here. Often, solders hang around outside the great base that exists on the edge of the nation. Many men and women pass through its doors every day.
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talk it out on Jun 30 2018, 10:49 PM by RUBY BLACKWOOD

Thought to be efficient, this collection of roads is simply referred to as 'The Road'. All middle colours that do not immediately go to work after training find work along tese roads. The buildings are often big and elaborate.
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A visit to Stafford on Jul 4 2018, 02:46 AM by OLIVIER KOWALSKI

The middle class is often situated in the outer regions of Novas. The centre of the nation is far more dense, but where the rest of Novas is concern, it is sparsely populated with taller buildings that reach for the sky and elegant roads to guide hover cars. Down on the ground, you can find the lower classes.
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pagan gods on Jun 7 2018, 09:01 PM by KIER POTTINGER

One of the many sprawling, Gothic cathedrals found in all the nations, this cathedral is primarily inhabited by Whites. Though many come to pray, to marry and to be committed to the earth. All religious functions take place here.
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lonely, not alone on Jul 10 2018, 12:36 AM by JASMINE WEST

The lower class housing is poorly maintained and stuffed to the brim. Each building is dedicated to a certain colour, though the residents ignore these rules and mingle freely amongst one another. Greys and Obsidians often raid these homes. The streets below these homes are often full of litter.
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familiar faces on Jul 14 2018, 05:53 PM by THETA KIRKLAND

Here you may find all you need to survive. Food, water purifiers and clothes, the market found in the low colour territories is often busy and bustling. Partially submerged in the earth, the prices of the goods increase the further you delve into the earth. Lots of miners live nearby this market. High colours don't often visit here, but rather have someone pick up their things and bring them to their homes.
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down to the bottom on Jul 14 2018, 02:23 AM by MORDECAI SEYMOUR

If you're not working in the mines, it's possible that you've wound up here in the factories. Lots of low colour members of society wind up in all sorts of factories, building and creating for the rest of the world and never seeing a slip of it for themselves.
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---- on -- by

The Reds are notorious for working down in the mines where the world rotates slowly around them as the drill into the core. The mines are a hot, poorly maintained place that is often overlooked. They never see the produce of their mining going to their benefit.
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Lost and Found on Jul 14 2018, 03:48 AM by OLIVIER KOWALSKI

Unlike the rest of outer Novas which is dominated by the midColours, there is a lot of land occupied by the lower colours. Densely packed and full of hard working men, women and children this part of Novas is very easy to get lost in.
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The universe is vast and humans have conquered their Solar System. But there's still space to explore, planets to conquer, not to mention the rebel settlements that need dealing with. The Universe is empty and unforgiving.
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what happens Off-Novas... on Yesterday at 04:10 am by MICHAEL GRAHAM

Arquivis, Libél, Mysidian, Ventria or whatever place that is located on earth outside of Novas are all included here. It's like travelling all over the world all at once, except not.
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Calls & messages

spill the tea on Jun 30 2018, 10:28 PM by ASTERIN SARGENT

Video calls, messengers or however else you connect with your people.
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Social media

B's LAIR on May 19 2018, 12:39 AM by RUBY BLACKWOOD

Blogs, your Year 4000 instagram, vlogs and everything else to do with social media goes here.
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Dragon in Hybernation on Jul 14 2018, 07:47 PM by TEK

In this board you'll find games, mini-shops, a place to talk about yourself and a place to keep in touch with your fellow members.
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Marlowe Rosenheim on Jul 5 2018, 02:10 PM by MARLOWE ROSENHEIM

In this board there is an archive of all the threads that have come to an end on Rise.
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We Are Warriors [premium jc... on Today at 04:39 am by Jean

If you'd like to advertise your site, please do so here. Rise accepts all board types.
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