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» Ezra Sterling, 63 | Gold | Pierce Brosnan
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 01:49 AM
Minister of Defence
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Ezra Dimitri Sterling
full name: Ezra Dimitri Sterling
nicknames/aliases: Sterling
age: 63
birthday: 01/01
occupation: Minister of Defence
gender: Male
pronouns: Him/He/His
member group: Gold
nation of origin: Novas
addictions/illnesses: Knee and Hip replacement
character nature: Original Character

body marks:
  • tattoos: None
  • scars: Several battle scars from his time in service.
  • piercings: None.
  • modifications: A knee and hip replacement from services injuries
face claim: Pierce Brosnan
hair color: Grey
eye color: Blue
height: 6'2" 1.8m
built: Fit but ageing


family tree:
  • parents: Dimitri Sterling [Father: Deceased KiA 32], Isolde Sterling neé Guttenberg [Mother: 89 Retired]
  • siblings: Ignatius Sterling [59], Atticus Sterling [55]
  • children: Anastasia Sterling, Emerson Sterling & Primrose Evergarde.
  • pets: Airedale Terrier named Beck
  • other: None
sexual orientation: Hetrosexual
relationship status: Married
partner: Ophelia Sterling neé Kinsley

free form application here this is bold and this italics

Ezra is a reasonable man with a good sense of humour. At times he can be morbid and dark but he often flashes a wry smile to lighten things. There's a sense of loyalty and passion for the forces, he served in the military as a tactician and special operative corp. People tend to look up to him as a position of authority and knowledge. He’s apt at looking at things from more than one perspective and judge risks.

Selflessness is something that is associated with the Minister, he will stand up for what he believes is right and will pursue it to the fullest extent. He is a man of his word.


Fiercely defensive and driven, Ezra is not someone to mess with. Not much information is held about his time in the military other than he survived where other members of his team didn’t. He has no hesitation in dealing with threats remorselessly, how isn’t known.


Having been married to his wife for Forty-Five years as part of an agreed marriage between houses, little is known about his relationship with Ophelia. Ezra is loyal and respectful, with seldom seen displays of affection. He isn’t known to have a Pink of his own, neither has he been seen in their company.

wanted plots
  • The Order of Janus – Looking for high power Golds from across the nations to partake in a secret society to restore the ancient Roman Empire from fragments of historical archives known as the Encarta.
  • Alien Sanctioning – Tighter controls on Alien tourism, a revolution of the castes because of Alien freedoms would be problematic.
  • Alien Technology – With the new visitors bring new chance to advance human technology, whether its given freely or taken.
  • Power Battle – A world leader is taken out
ooc information

alias: Laurie
age: 30
pronouns: She/Her
timezone GMT
preferred contact PM & Discord
how you found us N/A
triggers: None
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