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[ _the weather in novas is getting warmer and warmer ] [ _green internships available for libel immigrants ] [ _tourism in novas is in blossom ]
[ _low and middle class inspections have been scheduled for june and will be conduced by our trustworthy greys ] [ _gladiator fights will be broadcast four times a week across the nations ]
[ _more people found guilty of crimes against color (hidden mixed pregnancies and/or similar affairs) during the "love gas" incident have been detained, judged and will be facing their punishments _live transmissions of their executions will be available all throughout june _if you know someone struggling with such issues, reach out to a grey for help _do not let them become a victim of their own crimes ]

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» She's Got a Good Head on Her Shoulders
 Posted: Feb 23 2018, 12:31 AM
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Zero walked through the halls of the University with a little bit of awe. She did her best to hold it together. She was a big shot pilot now after all, but it was incredible to see these things in play. The last time she'd been in this mental space, she'd been younger. She wasn't the most world traveled girl now, but back then she'd been nothing but questions. Questions she'd been too scared to ask and so she'd just sat back and observed. The idea had seemed so crazy back then. She was going to have someone open her skull - again - and stick a super computer in there. What would be the energy source? What about heat draining? What about maintenance? Software upgrades? Legality? Would this be classified as a prosthetic, or as a free standing device? Bandwidth, being accepted by her body chemistry, healing time. All in all it was the worst best decision she'd ever made.

"Hi!" she greeted someone brightly. "I'm looking for Dr. Andrews' Lab. I have an appointment for a diagnostic on my prosthetic. Can you help me?" Zero was secretly amused as the man explained how to navigate the hallways and subtly checked out her limbs, looking for her prosthetic out of curiosity. He wouldn't see it. All her extremities were intact. The prosthetic was inside of her, but that was a conversation that took too long to have politely and she didn't want to be late...

Gestured along, Zero finally found herself at the proper place, rapping lightly on the door and amazed to see it open. She crept in to look around the lab. There was... a lot going on here. "Hello!?" She called, not immediately seeing anyone specific to talk to.

Part of her wanted to just leave. Yes, her prosthetic needed to be evaluated by a scientist who could understand it, and the original creator of the prosthetic had disappeared last year, so that left her needing a new doctor for her robot bits. Was it running well, within the given parameters, things of that nature. It was almost certainly routine, but the chance that it wasn't had her a little nervous, and with this new place and new person, that made it that much worse. Regardless, she needed a checkup, and this Cressida lady was the person to see.

"Huh." She put her arms akimbo as she looked around. Was she in the wrong place?

 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 11:47 PM
Robotic Engineer
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technology changes all the time

human nature, hardly ever

It wasn’t often that Cressida wasn’t on site at the time of Miss Vanzyl’s arrival, she had been escorted off site by the Dean little after 4 pm the previous day. She was being inadvertently tortured, it had been noted how many hours she had been spending in the lab and had been told that her time was ‘excessive’ to say the least. The Doctor’s access card had been restricted to standard university hours from eight in the morning until no later than six on a night, security would be introduced if she did not comply with their request.

The Green complied. She had been sat in her vehicle since 7 am, chair back reclined and thermal retaining cup held between her thighs as she scrolled through the Novas News Bulletin. Her finger flicked back and forth through the articles, all but one was irrelevant. Alien technology reports, her eyes lingered but there was an obvious doubt in her mind with regards to how much of the contents were close to being fact. Violet’s employed by Silvers, incentivised by capital gain. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes before checking the time.

08:25. “SHIT, I’m late.” The knee-jerk reaction caused the hot coffee to lap against the side of her ‘leak proof’ cup and scald the sensitive skin of her legs, “Ow, crap.” Cressida opened her door and held the vessel outside to drip, her pained legs curled around, setting down on the floor with an annoyed scrunch of her nose. Since her departure the following day was swift and unplanned, most of her work had been left unattended. Dot had been left active through the night, perhaps it had a chance to examine the flaw that remained with the robotic shell she had created for him- it.

Shaking off her loose-fitting jeans the Doctor carried her cup inside, after securing her vehicle (the last thing she wanted was more disasters that day). With a disgruntled tap, her ID card bounced off the reader and allowed her inside, her forced pleasant smile and greeting to the Greys that watched the gates. It was more than apparent she wasn’t pleased with her new restrictions but would abide by them for the time being.

The cup was still clasped between the ends of her fingers as she tapped her ID against the lab’s door. Entering backwards seemed her best option, covered in coffee and aggravated wasn’t how she planned to start the morning. “Good morning Dot, has my augment appointment arr-” The Green stopped mid-sentence and stared at the pretty young girl who had already been waiting for her. “Miss Vanzyl?” She asked cautiously as her fingers pushed the leaking cup onto the large work surface.

Her hands attempted to unsuccessfully brush away the dark coffee stain from her jeans with a sigh. “I’m sorry I’m late, I hope you’ve not been waiting for me long.”

“Miss Vanzyl has been waiting for approximately two point six-seven minutes.” Dot answered in its usual dry tone. Cressida couldn’t help but laugh at its attempt to use social terms mixed with accuracy. “I continued my evaluation of our proposed updates of the neural network in your absence.”

“Yes, I- that wasn’t entirely my fault.” She answered by pinching her lips. “Sorry, this happens a lot. Dot is my integrated AI Lab Assistant. I’m surprised they didn’t introduce themselves.”

“Hello, Miss Vanzyl.” Dot echoed, the wall mounted camera twitched to refocus on the pair.


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