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Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future.

Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?

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UPDATE 05 - 12/2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We have a new announcement for you, holiday gifts and of course we're giving warm welcomes to our newest members!! Keep your eyes peeled for more c: Also, did you notice we're 2 months old now? Yaaay!

UPDATE 04 - 11/2017 The event ended and every participant has received their rewards! We've also cleaned up the board for any inactives, updated the claims and ratios accordingly and we're celebrating Rise's one month anniversary! We love you guys so much <3

UPDATE 03 - 10/2017 Rise's first on-site challenge is up! Come celebrate Halloween with us and earn points and pretty badges~

UPDATE 02 - 10/2017 Rise's official opening is here! Today we open to the whole public, so make sure you welcome in everyone new & returning and make lots of friends and plots!

UPDATE 01 - 10/2017 Rise's soft opening is here! Make yourself at home while we iron out any remaining wrinkles around the site!

UPDATE 00 - 09/2017 Beta testing around the site has begun.

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red handed on Jan 19 2018, 05:05 PM by RUBY BLACKWOOD

The universe is vast and humans have conquered their Solar System. But there's still space to explore, planets to conquer, not to mention the rebel settlements that need dealing with. The Universe is empty and unforgiving.
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Aquivis is the nation famous for port towns and quiet, contemplative lands full of lush greenery and swooping lakes. Aquivis is a nation made out of coastlines. Their communities expand towards the inner lands but Aquivis is still the smallest of the nations. The people that reside there are typically looked down upon by other nations, thinking them to be weak.
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Mysidian is the nation of death. It is here that Obsidians are bred and trained. It consists over what was once America and Canada. War machines and star ships are built here in this industrial, smoggy nation.
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Libél resides over what was Australia, New Zealand and constellation of islands around Japan. Libél is the technological manufacturing nation, known for spewing intelligent minds to be sent to the Navos nation. Libél is a land tortured by the wars and thus proves very difficult to grow many crops there.
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Ventria is the nation of life. It is renowned for growing foods and life. Ventria takes up all the space the other nations do not need and they dedicate the land to growth. They are a nation of naturalists that want the Earth to be able to look out for itself. Commonly, Ventrians are not fans of Mysidians.
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