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Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future.

Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system?

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UPDATE 05 - 12/2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We have a new announcement for you, holiday gifts and of course we're giving warm welcomes to our newest members!! Keep your eyes peeled for more c: Also, did you notice we're 2 months old now? Yaaay!

UPDATE 04 - 11/2017 The event ended and every participant has received their rewards! We've also cleaned up the board for any inactives, updated the claims and ratios accordingly and we're celebrating Rise's one month anniversary! We love you guys so much <3

UPDATE 03 - 10/2017 Rise's first on-site challenge is up! Come celebrate Halloween with us and earn points and pretty badges~

UPDATE 02 - 10/2017 Rise's official opening is here! Today we open to the whole public, so make sure you welcome in everyone new & returning and make lots of friends and plots!

UPDATE 01 - 10/2017 Rise's soft opening is here! Make yourself at home while we iron out any remaining wrinkles around the site!

UPDATE 00 - 09/2017 Beta testing around the site has begun.

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ANNOUNCEMENT #2 on Dec 29 2017, 03:36 AM by TEK

Your first stop for Rise is right here. You'll want to learn about the groups, nations and other interesting pieces of information about the board before you check in anywhere else.
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Ezra Sterling on Jan 12 2018, 01:49 AM by EZRA STERLING

finished unfinished

This is where you can post your character's application in order for it to be reviewed by an admin. Make sure to post in the right subforum and use the proper title & description.
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Betany Hale on Jan 20 2018, 05:01 AM by BETANY HALE

All accepted applications will be sorted here by their group! Throw your plots around with us here!
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Gotta go get your own adven... on Jan 20 2018, 05:51 AM by BETANY HALE

Within this board you can find all the character extras you may ever want. Trackers, developments, extra snippets, moodboards or anything you may want

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Safe Haven on Jan 3 2018, 12:43 PM by ADLYNN SOUDUXIS

Whether you want a lover, a mother, a best friend or a brother, you can post and find all types of wanted adverts here within these boards.

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award list & claim on Dec 10 2017, 03:33 PM by TEK

Need anything? Here you can ask for whatever it is that you need help with, from graphics, codes, to information!

This board is GUEST FRIENDLY. In case you have some questions you need to ask before joining, but the staff team is not around, you should post here. You will get a reply asap!
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